Ex-Anonymous Hacker Leaks Card holder Details


Jun 20th

An ex Member of the Anonymous Hacking Group, Jeremy, aka Reckz0r released a number of private user details to the web, purportedly hacked from banks across the globe. Reckz0r claims the data dump is a small portion of over 50gb of data he has hacked from 79 banks he has been targeting for 3 months.

Reckz0r claims to be a hacktivist that has been hacking since 2002. Originally creating hacking scripts with Python, he decided to join the hacking group Anonymous. “I decided to be a part of Anonymous, I decided to fight for freedom, against the corrupted government, against the lies of politicians, against torture.”

It seems he became disillusioned with the hacking fraternity when GearSec, an underground hacking group declared war against the UGNazi hacking group and exposed the details of its key memebers. Hackers fighting hackers.

The current uploads includes full names, email addresses, home phone numbers, and home addresses, but seems to have the credit card details excluded.

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