India’s IT Reputation Being Ruined By Scammers!


Jun 24th

It seems Indian IT staff are using their IT and language skills to rip off people in western nations. India once heralded as the the saviour to large corporations across the globe as the place for cost reduction when it came to Information Technology staff, now has a reputation problem with those trained up IT folk now turning to the dark side and running scams to steal money from individuals across the globe.

Don’t get me wrong, they are certainly not the first nation to have problems with scammers, the Eastern Europeans have been at it for years, but the difference is India relies on its reputation to manage and secure large western nation IT infrastructure across the globe, which was never a big driver in Eastern Europe. If you have a growing community of scammers in India, what is safe? Can you trust the Indian outsources with the companies crown jewels, their customer data.

In the above Video, Jim Browning catches a bunch of scammers working for a company, setup in Jammu and Kashmir, that looks like it was specifically setup to scam individuals. There were four individuals on the payroll, receiving between £100 to £500 a month salary.

Most concerning was an excel spreadsheet he finds with over 2000 names on it, with their contact details, including US phone numbers, where did this come from? A cousin working for working for one of the big Indian outsources, someone in these outsources willing to take a bribe to provided the details? We will never know, but as most western global enterprises rely more and more on the Indian outsources data privacy becomes a huge issue and concern for your customers.

The more scams originating from this part of the world, the less trust individuals are going to have in companies outsourcing their infrastructure to India. If this trend continues, I can see a time where having your IT systems managed by an Indian outsource company comes with some significant reputational risk.

It is conceivable that this increased risk will manifest itself by global organisations looking at other parts of the world to offshore their IT infrastructure, parts of the world where it is cheaper, where quality is just as high, and there is little risk that your customers data is stolen and used to scam them.

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