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Setup Twitch Streaming in Ten Minutes!

So you want to stream? Well you are not alone, tonnes of people are getting in on the game and loving every moment on it. To stream you are going to need sort out some stuff, some hardware (computer, microphone and webcam as a basic), an internet connection (maybe better than the one you are on now) and some software (actually the easiest part). In this article we will cover everything you need to know and do to get you up an streaming, in less than ten minutes if you have sorted out the basics. Let’s start with those basics. You need an... 

Shut Up and Take My Money : Hoverboard!

I want one so bad. I would be a god at Comic Con with my Green Goblin Suit!  Read More »

Sony Gets a Lesson from North Korea Supreme Leader

Beware, humor at large, if you watch this there is significant risk of uncontrolled laughter at the expense of both North Korea and Sony.  Read More »

Fishbit Gadget Gives a Helping Hand to All Aquarium Owners

Aquarium with fish is aesthetically pleasing to the owner and has calming effect. People, who have problems with stress, high blood pressure, insomnia and many other diseases, can have use of caring for fish. Unfortunately, most beginners, in order to have an aquarium they saw at their friend’s house or on television, skip some of the steps and usually make some mistakes. We would like to advice beginners to gather information and to be patient; that will spare you of unnecessary disappointment. Equipment for aquariums can be expensive, and in... 

The Force is Strong

New Star-Wars trailer is out, and the movie looks like it is going to be a hit. Come on Christmas 2015!  Read More »

Owned! Your Computers Belong to Us.

Legbacore Presenation The boys Xeno Kovah and Corey Kallenberg, regulars at the major security conferences, gave a presentation at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver this past week, on how to hack BIOSes. Xeno and Corey, previously of MITRE (you know the non-profit organization that manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) supporting the DOD, the FAA, the IRS, the DHS, and NIST) fame, have gone out on their own at LegbaCore. Their first major bit of research is a working proof of concept of owning BIOS Chips... 

Next Gen SOC to Protect Our Boys in the Field

Dr Kevin Jones & Ben Parish It has been announced today that Airbus Group Innovations has been awarded a major contract by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), as part of their Cyber Situational Awareness research project. The project goal is to develop and mature a Virtual Cyber Centre of Operations (VCCO), that will allow military decision makers to call on experts anywhere around the world to help deal with cyber situations. The research will assist in the development and design of a next generation Security Operations... 

Stuxnet – Cyber War

One of the first Cyber Weapons that has been talked about from any nation was Stuxnet. The Israelis and Americans came out of the closet to admit that they had an active cyber offensive program and that “Yes” they had created Stuxnet to put the Iranian nuclear program behind schedule. What I find interesting about this admission, is not that they admit to having an active cyber offensive program, I expected that, but to admit that you created a cyber weapon, that used several zero day critical vulnerabilities that could be used against... 

Cool Technology to Fight Child Abuse

The Spanish organisation Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation (ANAR) have come up with a very innovative way to get their message across to their target audience. The advert uses lenticular printing, resulting in a different ad depending on your perspective. The shorter people of the world, children and adolescents, see a different target message than the taller (adults) of the world. The adult version shows a young lad, about 10-12 years old with a normal face unharmed, however from a child’s perspective they see a child with... 

Students Speak About Steubenville High School Rape on Video

Yesterday we reported on the alleged rape of a 16yr old girl from Steubenville High School. KnightSec an offshoot of the hacktivist group Anonymous have declared war on the alleged rapists. Today a VERY disturbing video has come to light on the Local Leaks website, shared on Vimeo, where students are discussing the alleged rape. Michael Colin Nodianos essentially admits to the Rape. WARNING! The content is VERY disturbing and our heart can only go out to the young victim, and we ask again today, WHY HAVE MORE PEOPLE NOT BEEN CHARGED?  Read More »
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