Stuxnet – Cyber War


Feb 12th

One of the first Cyber Weapons that has been talked about from any nation was Stuxnet. The Israelis and Americans came out of the closet to admit that they had an active cyber offensive program and that “Yes” they had created Stuxnet to put the Iranian nuclear program behind schedule.

What I find interesting about this admission, is not that they admit to having an active cyber offensive program, I expected that, but to admit that you created a cyber weapon, that used several zero day critical vulnerabilities that could be used against any nuclear power-plant on the planet, to effectively disable it, or even cause a meltdown, concerns me.

Add to that, you did not tell the vendor of the nuclear plant hardware that there were critical vulnerability issues, so that, you know, they could stop other people using the same techniques to cause meltdowns around the globe, concerns me more.

What that tells me is, we are on our own, no government is going be telling us about these critical vulnerabilities, no, they will use them in their own cyber offensive programs. Just as well Al Qaeda or ISIS or Syian Electronic Army are not technically competent otherwise they might stumble upon these critical vulnerabilities to nuclear power-plants. Oh hang on.

Below is a great video about Stuxnet.

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