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Mar 23rd

Dr Kevin Jones & Ben Parish

Dr Kevin Jones & Ben Parish

It has been announced today that Airbus Group Innovations has been awarded a major contract by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), as part of their Cyber Situational Awareness research project. The project goal is to develop and mature a Virtual Cyber Centre of Operations (VCCO), that will allow military decision makers to call on experts anywhere around the world to help deal with cyber situations.

The research will assist in the development and design of a next generation Security Operations Center to provide tools to the forces to respond to cyber threats in real-time when deployed in the field.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory fell out of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency when it was split in two back in 2001, the second part being Qinitiq. It’s stated goal is to maximise the impact of science and technology for the defence and security of the UK.

Ben Parish, Cyber Situational Awareness Capability Adviser from DSTL stated:

“Cyber technologies are constantly evolving and it’s crucial for the UK’s Armed Forces to keep abreast of these developments. The research into the VCCO concept contributes to MOD’s understanding of how to be resilient to cyber-attacks and be better able to protect our interests in cyberspace”

Airbus Group Innovations, the corporate research and technology network of Airbus Group, will develop a 3-D virtual world to enable collaboration and shared situational awareness. The Virtual Cyber Centre of Operations project will demonstrate how virtual collaboration might give commanders a better understanding of how they are being targeted by cyber enemies on the battlefield. The VCCO concept aims to provide decision makers with an overview of the shared cyber environment, so they can understand where the threats might lie, and how they might collaborate securely to defeat those threats.

Dr Kevin Jones, Research Team Leader Cyber Operations, @Airbus Group Innovations, stated:

“As cyber threats continue to develop both in complexity and technological advancement we are proud to be part of the MoD’s next step into modern cyber defence and understanding”

The finished solution will bring together some clever technology from MooD and Xuvasi. MooD provides software that allows organisations to enhance transparency and control of their business, by analyzing data, outputting results, which can then be used to strengthening critical decision making. Think business intelligence on steroids.

The boys at Xuvasi are a clever start-up that provides a solution called Cascade, which allows high volume data processing and visualization.

Checkout both of their introduction videos below. It is early days yet in this project, but knowing someone is working on the next generation tools to protect our men in arms is comforting.

Cascade Introduction from Xuvasi Ltd.

MooD International from MooD Software.

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