Five tips for choosing a perfect tablet


Jun 11th

There is an increase in the manufacture of tablet devices in the electronic market. These tablets have distinguishing specifications and functions and from different manufacturing brands. That gives consumers an opportunity to choose from a number of products depending on style, function, incomes and other basics. Although this seems a plus, there is also the challenge that comes with selecting the right tablet. How do you get to know the perfect tablet that suits your taste, needs and budget? That may pose questions on the minds of prospective users.

Here are five tips that could successfully help you choose the perfect tablet:

1. Think about how you will use it

This would mean that you think about the intended purpose for your tablet. What would you want your tablet to do for you? For individuals who love to play games, especially those full of high-res graphics and fast action like the modern combat 4, tablet devices such as the Apple iPad air, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and some others would do just the thing. People who prefer to use their tablet for personal and typical office work may go for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Thinking about how you’ll use your tablet, would help you determine what’s nice- from the best operating systems to the ideal screen size.

2. Compare Apps and operating systems

When you compare applications and operating systems types, you can deduce what operating system can perform your tasks effectively and efficiently. The Apple iOS powers the iPad and iPad 2; there are also the Android and Windows operating systems- which are the common types. Each operating system has its capability as well as incapability, just as some app may be available for some tablet, but not usable by another. For example, the Apple iOS is only restricted to a light-duty mobile computer function, making it unsuitable for heavy-duty computing tasks. Also, it is not uncommon to find out that some applications may run on a tablet with a specific screen size, such as an application running on a 9.7-inch display iPad screen, and not running on a 7.9-inch display screen. Someone who needs to run this application should not go for the 7.9-inch display model.

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system stands to be the most powerful operating system at the present. That’s because it can run the full version of the Microsoft office with all the preceding software that were created for Windows 7 and earlier versions of the Microsoft. It should be noted, however, that tablets that carry the Windows 8 OS are the most expensive on the market.

3. Compare Features

Once the OS type is chosen, challenges with too many options begin to narrow down. The next thing to decide on would be features such as color, model storage, and internet connectivity options. Whether it is a device, which connects only via Wi-Fi or that which connects via 3G when Wi-Fi is not available. Other features to be compared among brands and types include battery life, cameras and add-on accessories. Also don’t forget, that the most extraordinary the features are, the higher the price of the product in most instance.

4. Compare size and appearance

Before you buy a tablet, make sure to put the aspects of size and appearance into consideration. Size and thickness is more of a beauty concern than anything else, and it is not just about the ease with which the device can be carried around. It has been discovered that people prefer the thin, and light tablets compared to the heavy/bourgeois types. But then also, you should decide if you’ll like the tablets that are very conspicuous in which case you carry as you move, or that which you can easily slip into your pocket or purse. Considering tablet appearance, be sure to compare screen brightness and contrast among different types and choose the one that best suits you.

5. Consider Price

The price is one of the most important things to consider. At this point, you need to make the choice between following a budget strictly and adding some money to get your desired model. Many times after a survey of the different tablets that there are, one gets stuck between buying a lesser designed tablet as an opposite to the desired choice. A good way to get value for money when following strict budget may be to compare the price among similar products of the same brand. You may just end up getting the product that is much close to your choice and which you’ll happen to enjoy.

Then also remember to consider prices for additional accessories and applications that you need to buy, and that would be required to make the tablet function effectively, the way you want. That should be added to the price of the tablet when making budgets and also when comparing prices.

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