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Jun 9th

In the wake of new technology more and more artists are trying to find a better way to do their sketches with the computer, especially those that are graphic designers. Many artists not only want a good product to work with, but also desire something that is portable like a tablet. With that comes the ever search to find a tablet that is suitable for the sketch but is still functional otherwise. Because not many artists want it only for sketch and don’t really want to drop anywhere up to four figures on a tablet if it’s not exactly what their looking for. Well now, there are finally some good options for artists out there wanting to have a tablet that they can sketch on, and some of them might be a little surprising. First on the list is an Android tablet. While in the past artists have traditionally avoided Android run tablets for many reasons depending on the specific ones in which they looked at a new Android tablet seems to be challenging that.

HTC Flyer

The HTC Flyer is an Android run tablet that is very high speed and sensitive enough to be used for drawing. On top of that, it comes with a stylus pen that is pressure sensitive in order to give the artist as much control as possible. Along with that the flyer is versatile and can be used as a normal tablet making it useful in all areas for the artist.

Wacom Intuos 5

The Wacom Company designs products such as tablets with artists in mind. This tablet is a wonderful choice for artists out there. The tablet may not be as pretty on the outside with a plain rubberized frame already around the frame where it doesn’t allow the artist to personalize it with colorful cases, but it provides a nice protection with the tablet from the start in order to help protect the investment that is being made when buying this tablet. The tablet itself comes with multi-touch, so there is no need for a mouse, a sensitive stylus. According to Wacom, the tablet can determine what an intentional touch is and what an accidental touch is. So if you are arm brushing against the screen, you don’t get a paint spill or smug across your work.

Apple’s iPad

Yes, it makes this list too, even though Apple may appear everywhere, it is for good reason. When it comes to artists, they tend to cater to them. The iPad has plenty of software for artists to help them create whatever they need. A downside to this tablet is that with all the software on the tablet and that can be downloaded to the tablet some artists find it more of a distraction. But for those that can get past that it is a very useful tool due to its speed, sensitivity and the diverse amount of materials available to be put on the iPad for the customer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This tablet is well made with fast speed and the ability to put a variety of apps for drawing on the tablet. The tablet comes with a nubby tablet which is a great for artists because it gives them the ability to get the details that they wish to have on their work. But not only that, the makers have stated that when using the stylus the tablet can determine at which angle the stylus is being held at in order to make the correct amount of shading.

Wacom Cintiq 12wx

While the Wacom Company went over already, this is the state of the line tablet for artists. Though the Cintiq 12wx is the cheapest of the Cintiq line from Wacom, it is the only one that remains a tablet and you are still looking at putting around a grand out in order to be able to play with this. With that said, this is the best of the best for professional artists when they are looking at tablets for their drawing. While it is expensive, it comes with all the drawing software and products already on the tablet. It has a 12inch LCD screen that allows the artist to see a ton of detail and users even say that this tablet mimics the feeling of drawing on paper which is the biggest draw to this tablet.

All the tablets mentioned above are great choices for artists looking for a tablet to work with. All of the prices range to give all budgets a chance at getting a great tablet to be able to create their art. In the end, it all depends on what the artist is looking for. Every artist knows that supplies are never cheap, and it’s just a matter of what they need and what is worth it to them.

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