LG patents a smartphone which folds up into a bracelet


Jun 22nd

LG, a company that was founded in 1958 and has always been devoted to developing technology in order to enhance its customer’s life has now come out with something new. A few months ago LG sent out a patent for a phone that was able to be worn as a bracelet. It has been well known that some companies that produce phones are trying to experiment with flexible phones. However, the phones that are out at the moment are only flexible in the glass of the phone, and it is only slight. Whereas this idea means the phone would have to go all the way around meaning not only does the screen need to be able to be flexible but so would some internal parts of the phone.

This thought is very exciting because the nature of our society likes to see how far we go in the creation of new technology. However, there are several things to think about. This shouldn’t be thought of as something coming out next year. That’s because when LG was questioned about the product they couldn’t give a whole lot of detail about the project and instead just answered a few general questions. From that it is likely that LG is only in the baby stages of the project and are still trying to develop the product and figure out a way in which they can make this idea a reality. LG has always had Samsung as a competitor, and they have now put out a patent for a different version of the phone bracelet, but it still has the same concept. At this point when it comes to the flexible phones, LG and Samsung have been side by side the entire way as both of them have phones out with some minor flexibility in the screens.

However, when it comes to the competition aspect, there is nothing to worry about, considering there is still the question about the market. Is there a market for this kind of phone? Right now, we have smart watches which are expensive and cool and high-tech but at the same time some are being marked down because they have yet to take off. But on the positive note let’s say that it does, and suddenly everyone has a smart watch. In that case, LG might have a chance of selling but there is still the question of why? They already have the smart watch. Are they going to want a phone around their wrist? At that point it is a maybe, or the question could be asked of how long it would take for that to catch on because of how long the smart watch took. Now let’s talk the other end of the spectrum, and we stay where we are now. The smart watch is expensive, and some people have it and the other don’t. There isn’t a large population of the people who are investing in these for whatever reason. So in that case, if people don’t want a smart watch around their wrist why on earth would they want a huge phone?

Right now, the flexible phone created by LG the G-Flex 2 does seem to be somewhat of a hit with the public. So whether it works or not, we will have to wait and see. There is plenty of time for a market for this type of phone to come about. Since LG is only in the beginning stages of this creation and seems to be years away from this, but at least it’s no longer just science fiction fantasy. However, it is exciting to hear about technology advancing. It advances in a way that something that has always been seen as hard and stiff could in maybe just a few short years be worn around your wrist instead of getting dropped out of pockets or lost and thrown around in purses all day. The whole forgetting our phones will finally be a thing of the past, and for now really it’s just something to keep our eyes on and watch how it grows.

Who knows? This might become a great hit in the next few years. Perhaps many things we take as they come, will change greatly and blow our minds away. LG is a great company which wishes to make something new and exciting. Its biggest competitor Samsung will give this race a new edge. Healthy competition is something to strive for, and something that gives a product the final touch. If there were not any competition, we would not have such great products.

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