LG Watch Urbane- A luxury Smart piece with Timeless Aesthetics


May 28th

LG unveiled its luxury Android wear device, LG Watch Urbane at Mobile World Congress (MWC). This smart watch with sophisticated look and design delivers a high performance and technology and is a perfect choice for people who love hi-tech accessories. This Genuine Smart piece comes with advanced features of latest Android wear like Phone free usage and Wi-Fi connectivity.

LG Watch Urbane is similar to LG Watch R, which is the first smart watch released by LG in October 2014. Both have a Plastic-OLED display. LG Watch R was designed for active users, whereas LG Watch Urbane is formal and thinner, and it is a perfect device for men or women. It has 1.3-inch full circle P-OLED display same as LG Watch R. However, it has a thinner look with its narrower bezel. LH Watch Urbane is available in stainless steel body with polished silver and gold colors. It comes with a natural leather strap, which makes it look more formal and classic. The strap can be replaced with any other 22mm suitable straps.


LG Watch Urbane is an elegant looking watch with all modern hi-tech features that makes it a true smart watch. It features classic design, customization, and timeless esthetics. With its full Circle P-OLED display, it gives perfect crystal clear image clarity. With the latest Android wear technology, it allows you to send texts, check scores, and it guides you through navigation by simply saying “OK Google.” You can get alerts at a glance. You can track and record you Heart Rate and steps. You can even sync your favorite tracks. With your Bluetooth headphones, you can exercise phone free. This Watch Urbane is waterproof and dustproof. It can work even if it is slightly submerged in a tank or underwater at an about depth of 1 meter, and for about 30 minutes. LG call feature is only available with LG Watch Urbane and not available with its predecessors like LG G Watch and LG G Watch R, may be because they do not have Wi-Fi Support.

Technical Specifications:

This multi-touch, water, and dust resistant Watch Urbane comes with capacitive touchscreen (P-OLED) with 16M colors. It is water resistant up to 1 meter, and it can last under water for about 30 minutes. It weighs 45g. It is 1.3 inches in size and has 348ppi pixel density. It has a 4GB internal memory with 512MB RAM. It has connectivity options with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. It has a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer sensors, gyro, proximity, heart rate. The battery is non-removable Li-Ion 410mHh battery. Urbane dimensions are 45.5×52.2mm and 10,9mm thick. It has Snapdragon 400 processor. This smart watch has Gorilla Glass 3 display. This watch Urbane comes with USB cable, charging cable and a wall adapter. The OS that LG Watch Urbane comes with is Android 5.1 which has more features and good UI presentation. This watch supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well.


With Android wear 5.1, it can provide easy access to the dial pad, favorite contacts and recent calls. You can easily pair this Watch Urbane with your Android phone using Bluetooth connectivity. With this option, you can transfer calls to your smartphone, and you can complete calls on it. You can directly make calls from your Watch urbane with its app features like favorite contacts, recent calls and dial pad. You get a three-panel menu by pressing the crown button located at one side of the watch. Alternatively you can also get it by tapping on the main screen and swiping from left to right. The first-panel displays list of your apps in alphabetical order and most used apps on the top. The second panel displays your list of favorite contacts. You can use this to connect with your favorite ones. The third panel gives you access to Google Now. You have a voice responsive option as well available for this third panel. You just need to say “Ok Google” by raising your wrist, and that’s it; you are there. The user interface is clutter-free, and you can easily navigate through available menus. These features make LG Watch Urbane a modern, stylish and desirable watch.


This innovative, luxurious watch with classic design adds style and convenience to everyday life. There are certain cons though that we need to keep in mind. Some features require Bluetooth connectivity to a compatible device with a data network connection. Though this watch has voice responsive system available, some of the voice actions are not available in all languages and countries. This watch comes with stitched leather strap. However, if you wish to use another band, you will have to buy them because they are sold separately. With such smart features, you are tempted to use this watch all the time, however, be careful and avoid using it while driving.

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