The new Trio app and its features


Jun 1st

The trio is a new mobile application that utilizes the combination of photos, videos, GIFs and music to create a typically customized document that can be shared with friends. The app allows the creation of different remix pulled out from a variety of public sources as well as from the individual’s personal library. One basic feature of the trio app is that it allows the combination of private content with that from a third party. It is a unique application that is different from the others, in that it is able to access media information from various sites like Instagram, iTunes, Vines and many more. Trio, a phone application that was recently launched, is determined to be the next big consumer creation platform in media mashups.

Trio is a product of the company Meograph, founded by Misha Leybovich (who was a onetime rocket scientist at the MIT and alumnus of the UC Berkley) alongside designer and marketer, Clay Garette. The objective of this product is to place a world of popular media at people’s fingertips so that they can be funny, creative or clever at any place or time. This gives people an opportunity of putting up stories, happenings, events and histories that are more detailed and comprehensive using resources sourced from the required ends. This list of resources is said to be expanded in the future.

The application has been made available to Android and iPhone users, and it is easy to install and use. The features are a product of a three-year learning and development process.
Another feature that is peculiar to this app is linked attribution. By this, every asset that is used in the trio is labeled with a sign of the origin from which it came, with a link directing the user to that site. It makes things really easier for the consumer who may have found a song or movie that they love or a new person to follow on Instagram. While for the content owners, they get more traffic, followers and resultantly, more money. It has been observed that 35% of people who click on songs, movies, and other content-directed links are more likely to go on with a purchase.

After installation and completion of a quick walkthrough, the plus (+) button at the bottom is tapped to build the first trio. Then from the creation screen, the content to start with- photos, videos, or GIFs is selected. After which the source of the content can be selected- whether from the local device or a popular network. The GIFs section is powered by Giphy, which narrows down the GIFs by category.

To add more content, continue to hit the big plus button at the bottom of the screen, repeating the whole process.
The last step is choosing music and adding a caption. The creation can then be shared on across social services like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Emails and Sms.
In addition, trio allows you the chance to explore popular trios, find and follow other users, mark favorites and so on; although it has been said that more work is needed to improve on the ‘favorite’ option as it got difficult to find.

There is also a new feature of the app called challenges, where friends can compete with each other and have group content together, just like a hashtag, but it’s more organized. All your friends can contribute or comment on one thing that you might enjoy or that might be important. This is also a good method to engage members of a club. Clubs can make good use of the challenge feature just as a way of starting creative activities among members together.

Trio started out with a team of five and is currently based in San Francisco and Atlanta and is closing a seed round which includes investments from streamlined ventures, western technology investment, plug and play ventures, Allegro venture partners, media camp as well as former GC and COO of Lucas films- David Anderson, co-founder of fly cast.

The application is believed to have the potential of gaining opportunities to work with brands on native adverts and to garner extra affiliate revenue which is very common today with music and movie referrals. And although this is true, the trio isn’t currently focused on revenue generation.

New apps are being developed as we speak, and with each new app we gain a new feature which we love so much. Fun apps like this one make people happy, and bring smiles to their faces. You can get easily carried away trough different web sites searching for the right gif, but now you can create your own and give it a personalized touch. That’s the best thing about it, and that’s why people love it so much.


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