JVC HA-ETR40 – Exercise Head Phone


May 27th

Everybody wants to keep being fit and exercising has become everybody’s good habit. Similarly, we can hardly find anybody on this earth who would not love to listen to music. Most of the people like to listen to music while doing their daily activities. You will find people wearing earphones and listening to music in a Park or in a Gym while exercising. Earphones have managed to keep themselves in one of the most dominating sport and exercise category. However the most disturbing part is, it keeps on falling when moving or doing exercise. In the world we are living, we have a solution for almost everything with our hi-tech gadgets, so we have a solution for headphone problems as well. With recent innovations we have earphones which are specially designed for exercising and they do not fall of. There are water proof models as well which makes them sweat resistant; you can even try them while swimming; I have personally not dared to try that. JVC HA-ETR40 is such an in-ear headphone which you can use while you exercise, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off. They just fit perfectly, and you can concentrate on your exercise while listening to music. Plus they are waterproof and sweat resistant.


JVC HA-ETR40 comes in black-and-grey and Red-and-black colors. Earpieces have upward pointing stabilization fins. These stabilization fins help keeping the in-canal earpiece in place. This headphone comes in six pairs of ear tips in different sizes. It includes a larger opening runner’s ear tips that let in more surrounding sound. These are very secure fitting earphones. The ear buds have large curvy assembly which moves on to the cable. May be designed to add a style as it doesn’t seem to have any purpose other than that. It is not hollow so does not contribute to sound quality. The rubber horn is in the inner ear section, and gives a perfect fit for your ears. It is good when you are jogging or exercising as it does not fall off.

The single button inline Remote provides one press control to play or pause for call answer or end incoming call or any call in progress. There are no volume controls built-in in this earphone, so you will have to depend on your mobile device for that. The main cable for this earphone is short. That makes in handy for people who strap their devices to their arm. However, an extension cable is also provided for people who like to put their devices in short pockets or to a trouser pocket. The rubber ear buds are perfect and fit into your ears. You don’t need to worry even if your earphone gets wet in the rain or washed off. They are not fully waterproof, shouldn’t be kept in water for a long duration.


With the normal price JVC, HA ER40 is offering a lot. Bass depth is not that great however reasonably good. With decent levels of transparency, the songs and vocals are well projected and conveyed. It doesn’t distort even at the top listening levels. The earphone may not appeal to big bass lovers, but low ends are rich and full, and the high-mids and highs are boosted. The sound is crisp and clear, however potentially high for some.
JVC HA ETR40 is usually sensitive and uses very little for reaching decent levels. As compared to the standards of other rival earphones, ETR40 is capable of giving good performance and gives a fair competition to its rivals. It has a tendency to harden up at high audio levels and is quite quick and aggressive, which is not desirable. Another problem with ETR-40 is with its design. It is designed to hear surrounding noise, which is good for preventing unwanted incidents, however that reduces the meaningful bass generation capability. It is great though for use during your exercise because of its rubber ear buds that comfortably fits into your ears.


As compared to other earphones at this price, ETR40 is a great earphone. Most of the other earphones do not provide water and dust resistance. You can actually wash off your earphones. JVC has managed to give a tough competition to other earphones of the same range with its specialized design, with some operating limits. The catch is, it has narrower limits that ideal. It is a good exercise partner, however has some annoying limitations. The main problem is sound leak. It is a good earphone when you are jogging on public roads, and you don’t want to get embarrassed due to falling earphones. It allows you to concentrate on you exercise without having to take care of your earphones with its special design. However other than that, it has a tough competition in the market with similar performing earphones.

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