The Six Best Online Games on The Planet, Right Now!


Apr 19th

Games are a huge industry and the online versions have continued to grow at substantial rates. Popular games can easily generate billions of dollars for their makers, even though they will cost less than big budget movies to make.

The appeal of pitting your wits against other humans on the battle field has long been a human endeavour, to be able to do so in a safe environment and live to fight another day, even after being crushed in battle, is unrivaled.

The most popular online games fulfill that need, that challenge, to beat down your opponents and come out on top as the ultimate winner!

There are a lot of options for online games, but below are the best and most popular, ranked from bottom to top.


6. DayZ

In a diseased post-soviet state, where a mystery infection has wiped out most of the world population you must survive the attack of the zombies! One of the new comers (currently in Alpha) to 2015, DayZ is a hot new game that allows you to test your survival skills. You can go it alone or team up with others to fight for survival.

Gather weapons, vehicles and supplies and avoid the zombies that if they have a heighten sense of hearing and smell but less sight in your attempt to be the last surviving people on earth. Of course you might need to fight of the other people left on the planet, that also want the limited supplies.

A game to watch and play in 2015!


5. MineCraft

Minecrft created by Markus Persson, aka Notch, and further enhanced by Jens Bergensten, aka Jeb, was officially released November 18th at the MineCon 2011. Now developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang.

Although combat is certainly part of the game players concentrate on building a new environment, gathering resources, crafting, and exploring the newly created world. There are no specific goals for the player to accomplish, a bit like the real world, the players spend most of their time breaking and placing blocks to reconstruct the world.

Just because it is not about killing other players and “wining” in combat, does not mean it is not hugely popular, it is, particularly amongst girl gamers, where it is estimated that they make up over a third of the players, which is pretty much unheard off in other games. Maybe it is the nonviolent nature of the game, or maybe its the cleaning up the world that appeals to the fairer gender, who knows.

<img src="” alt=”Counter-Strike” width=”670″ height=”500″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-738″ />
4. Counter Strike

First person shooter, but with a team aspect. Join either the terrorist team or the counter-terrorist team with the goal of eliminating the other guys or complete a specified mission. On the bomb map the terrorists carry a bomb and must planet it, and protect it until it explodes, while the counter terrorist will try to disable the bomb.

On the Hostage Map the terrorists hold a bunch of hostages and must stop the counter-terrorists from rescuing them to win the game. Finally on the VIP Map, the counter-terrorists much escort a VIP to a specific location safely while the bad guys try to stop them.

There are professional gamers in this space with a yearly competition to work out who the best teams on the planet are, in 2014 that was who took home over a 100G.


3. HearthStone

Blizzard, who you will know as the creators of World of Warcraft, the now slightly dated multi-player online game have come up with HearthStone, a digital collectible card game based in the Warcraft universe. Free to play, expensive to master, HearthStone now has over 20 million registered players.

Players start the game with a collection of basic cards, based on the characters from the Warcraft universe, which have unique abilities, including a defense score and an attack score. You choose to play your cards in the order you want, however cards must be drawn from your deck at Random. Rare and more powerful cards can be attained by purchasing packs of cards, which is where the expense can enter the game, or as a reward for completing Arena runs.

The goal is to kill of your opponent using your attack scores by strategically playing cards from your deck. More of a mind game, than a attack, kill them all game, often refereed to as a modern day version of chess.


2. Dota2

Dota2 is the stand-alone sequel to the Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and is a typical arena battle to the death type game. The goal to capture the opponents stronghold where the “Ancient” resides. You will have another four team members to help you in your quest. Each playing their own hero selected at the start of the game that levels up as game play progresses. Each time you visit the shop you can purchase new, or upgrade exsiting weapons from gold you have accumulated during play.

You kill enemy minions or heros you get more gold, the faster you kill them the faster you upgrade your weapons. You can also push down enemy defense tower on the way to the stronghold, earning goal, and kill neutral monsters hanging out in the jungle.

Now one of the most played games on Steam, with over 800,000 regular players, although it has been criticized in the past as being a unfriendly environment for noobs, which is why it drops to second place.


1. League of Legends

The best game on the planet, five vs five, man vs man, woman vs woman, no mercy. The team at Riot have put together a winner, you can start to play for free, only really needing to spend money to accelerate your character ownership or buy pretty customers for your favorite warrior on the battle field.

A similar concept to Dota2, you have a five members per team each playing their own character, typically one person in the Jungle, one in the top lane, one in the mid lane and two character in the bot lane, playing the damage carry (ADC) and one playing the support. The goal is to capture the other teams base. but first you must get through a bunch of defenses, including enemy team members, enemy minions, and enemy turrets, which will laser you if you wander to close.

You have your team and minions to help you win, as well as scaling weapons that can be brought during the game from money you have earnt during the game by killing enemy minions, enemy warriors or the dreaded Dragon or Barron, which are neutral objectives based in the jungle.

Every year Riot holds professional gaming competition to work out who the best teams on the planet are, in North America that is typically TSM, in Asia one of the Korean teams and in Europe, Unicorns of Love, although Fanatic gets lucky every now and then.

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