The New Anova Precision Cooker


Apr 19th

Anova Precision cooker
The New Anova Precision cooker is the upgraded version of sous vide circulator launched by Anova Culinary. This cooker offers professional level sous vide at an affordable price. The developers of this new cooker said that, it is one of the best, most cost effective, consumer grade sous vide solutions in the market. Some interesting features of this cooker are given below:

Design of the Cooker

The New Anova Precision Cooker looks very slim and sleek. Unlike the previous model, the new model contains detachable parts which make it easier to approach the heating element for cleaning. The new Anova Precision Cooker must be cleaned only once or twice in a year. On the other hand, cleaning the gunk and mineral deposits extends the lifespan of this device.
Anova Precision cooker

Adjustable Clamp and Knob

This device can be adjusted according to the height of utensils, and by doing so, it allows you to use this precision cooker in any particular pot you have. The redesigned clamp helps you to use it with various types of pots. The big knob of this cooker tightens the hold on your stock pot, and the little knob allows you to raise or lower the cooker itself.

The most advanced sous-vide device

The New Anova Precision Cooker is available at a very reasonable price and provides superb results. It is one of the best and most perfect devices for the home chefs which is very easy to use, easy to clean, light in weight, can connect to your smartphone. By using it, one can cook the perfect and delicious meal with a touch of a button. The design of this cooker is also very attractive and nice. It contains only two buttons which are the power button, and the timer button. It also contains a mouse style scroll wheel which is used for making adjustments.
Removable, Stainless Steel Skirt.

Anova Precision cooker2

The New Anova precision Cooker contains a removable, stainless steel skirt. You can easily take off the bottom and clean it in a dishwasher. There is also a plastic cap on the bottom of this device which can be rotated. The direction at which water enters and exits the circulator can be controlled by using this cap. That particular feature helps you to avoid the corner of your plastic bag sucked in, which would otherwise block the intake.


This Anova Cooker unit is made from stainless steel and polycarbonate. Stainless steel prevents it from rust and corrosion while polycarbonate is actually a great material for kitchen appliances.

Dimensions and Weight:

• The length of this device is 2.75 in / 6.98 cm.
• Its width is almost 2.75 in / 6.98 cm.
• The height of this cooker is about 14.75 in / 36.8 cm.
• The immersion depth of this device is almost 7.25 in / 18.415 cm.
• The maximum clamp opening is allowed at 1.25 in / 3.175 cm.
• The weight of this device is near 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg.

Mobile App

The Anova Culinary App can be used with this cooker. The Bluetooth allows you to control the precision cooker with this app on your mobile phone. You can also search out library of brilliant and delicious sous vide recipes from many of the famous chefs, bloggers, authors as well as editors of the world. You can also make your day in the kitchen more fun and give it a touch of excitement. In the older cookers, you had to look at the temperature, plus the cooking time for different types of food items. But with the mobile app; the new Anova precision cooker is beneficial in such a way that it allows you just to select your food item/recipe, put it in the water bath and the rest of the task is on the cooker. You can easily cook fish, poultry, beef, vegetables and eggs in the new Anova precision cooker.

How the New Anova Precision Cooker Works

Firstly, operate the device remotely by setting your time and temperature. Then calibrate the temperature of the precision cooker, after that choose a recipe that suits you the most and press play button.
You must be aware of the following parameters and features of the new Anova precision cooker while operating it:

• The temperature ranges from 77°F to about 210°F with fluctuations of 0.01°F (25°C to 99°C with ± 0.01°C) in this cooker.
• The speed of the pump in this cooker is maintained at 1 – 1.2 GPM 7-8 LPM, which is still optimizing.
• The directional pump is maintained at 360 degree.
• The capacity of the tank in this precision cooker is around 4-5 Gallon (15-19 Liters).
• The timer is maintained at maximum 99 hours.
• The input power supply of this cooker is about 110-120VAC (220-240V EU).
• The heating power of this device is about 800W.
• Bluetooth wireless connections are also available in this cooker.

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