Kobo Glo HD eReader vs. Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD


Apr 19th

The Kobo Glo HD eReader
and Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD are two of the more popular e-readers around today. There are some similarities between these two devices, but there are key differences, check out below for a review of each product, starting with the Kobo Glo.

Kobo Glo HD eReaderKobo Glo HD eReader

Like many other tablets/e-readers, the Kobo Glo has a large high-quality touch screen. It uses an open platform and has a good battery life. It is much lighter in weight with a powerful memory. You can easily read from it in direct sunlight.

Some of the interesting features of Kobo Glo HD eReader devices are given below.

• It has a 6 inch large touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels.
• The pixel density of this eBook reader is about 212 pixels per inch (PPI).
• Its screen type is E-Ink, which contains 16 gray shades.
• It is very light in weight. Its weight is around 185 g.
• This eReader device can sync across multiple devices.
• The internal storage capacity of this eReader device is 1 GB, and micro SD increases the storage capacity up to 32 GB.
• The memory of this eBook reader is near 2 GB.
• You can connect a micro-USB to this device to transfer the data.
• The facility of Wi-Fi in this device is supported by 802.11 b/g/n.
• The processor of this device is very powerful with a capacity of 1000 MHz.
• This device supports the document files format related to PDF, HTML, ePUB, TXT, RTF, CBZ, CBR and MOBI.
• The image supported by this device should be of GIF, TIFF, JPEG as well as PNG.
• It has an open platform for Kobo bookstore and the eBooks store size of this device is about 3.2M books.
• A free content of 1.89 M books is also available in this device.
• The reading apps of this Kobo Glo eReader are easily available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC, and Mac.
• This device is made up of plastic and tough rubber.
• The dimensions of this device are 114 x 157 x 10 mm.
• The web browsers, as well as landscape mode, are also available on this device.
• This eBook reader also offers newspapers, magazines, novels and graphics.

Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD is a new experience for eBook readers. It contains best options for reading books and viewing movies. The new and interesting features of this device allow you to search books on Wikipedia and other sources. It offers rich and vibrant video through its very large touch screen. Some of the interesting features of the Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD devices are as follows.

• It has an extremely large 8.9 inch capacitive touchscreen with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.
• The pixel density of this eBook reader device is almost 254 pixels per inch (PPI).
• By using this device, one can view images, read books as well as web browser in full color.
• This is one of those devices that have cellular connectivity. With this connection, you can download content from anywhere.
• The Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD also supports customer loyalty program. This program is offered by only a few eReaders.
• It also has an inbuilt LED backlight.
• By using this device, eBooks can be loaned to a friend for a 14 day period. So, you can obtain reader to reader lending eBook facility on this device.
• By using this device, you can easily reach the public library eBooks and directly download to the device.
• The powerful processor of this device is about 1500 MHz.
• The Kindle bookstore provides a huge selection of reading books, and the eBook store size of this device is around 4.0 M books.
• This Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9 HD can automatically adjust the screen orientation between portrait and landscape type orientation.
• This eReader device is capable of sync across multiple devices.
• This device contains some additional features of stereo speakers and ever notes integration.
• The memory of this device is 64 GB.
• The dimensions of this eReader device are 240 x 164 x 8.8 mm.
• This device is heavier as compared to Kobo eReader. The weight of this device is 567 g.
• Like Kobo eReader, the facility of micro USB is also available in this device.
• The Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity is available in this device.
• The processor of this device is of 1500 MHz.
• Like Kobo eReader, this device also offers newspaper, comics/graphic, magazines, textbooks, audio books, blogs as well as novels.
• On this device, you can read the apps from iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac, and PC.

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