Meerkat App vs. Periscope App


Apr 10th

These are two common live streaming video apps that allow their users to broadcast and watch videos around the world. You can watch the video either through your Smartphone or desktop. In fact, these two apps have very similar features. You simply have to click the link to be able to watch the stream, comment on it, share the link with others and build an audience for the stream. These apps allow their users to share live video from their phone or tablet with the world.
Meerkat app was founded by Ben Rubin, and periscope app was founded by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. These two competing apps broadcast by using buttons on the main screen, plus a camera. That’s all you need to start broadcasting globally.

How Meerkat app works

Meerkat app is somewhat different when compared to periscope app. Firstly, the iPhone app uses Twitter account and instantly sends a tweet. That tweet works on a principle sending people tweets when you broadcast a video.
Similarly, when other people who have twitter accounts click the video which is being broadcasted, they will immediately have access to that video and be able to watch it. They will also be able to post comments. This app is commonly used worldwide for broadcasting services.

Features of Meerkat app

The important features of Meerkat app are given below:

• Meerkat is the best app for the live streaming of long-shots and engagement
• All the things that happen on Meerkat also happen on Twitter and streams can be pushed to the followers in real time through push notifications.
• The live streaming interface of this app is excellent. It displays everything from the broadcaster’s name to their view count, the city name from which they are streaming as well as a sliding menu of all the profile pictures which is always on-screen.
• In this app, once you have started a live stream, the app automatically tweets a link to your video.
• The video quality of Meerkat app is very good. But once a stream is over it’s gone forever.
• Meerkat app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How periscope app works

This app is commonly used as an app for iPhone users: it streams videos to web browsers on computers. People can also post comments and little hearts. The app is a smart move which cuts down the social network’s noise and limits the twitter spew as well. In this app, people can tap the screen to send “love” hearts that tell the broadcaster they like what they see. There is also an option of notification setting in periscope app. You can receive push notifications on your phone in case you want to be notified when someone you are following is streaming.

Features of Periscope app

Many features of Meerkat app and Periscope app are similar to each other. Some of the important features of periscope app are given below:

• One interesting feature of periscope app is that all the people who have installed this app can find their followers and share videos with them. According to this, you as well as your follower must be using this app, and only then the both of you will find one another. The application also tells us about the most loved users. That particular feature gained some increased popularity recently and became one of Periscope’s main features.

• Another feature of Periscope app is that it saves live streams, and the viewers can watch them later. This feature makes it easier for people to enjoy videos on Periscope.
• This app displays a much larger database of user videos to tap into at any time from all around the world.
• Periscope app is suitable for short shots and minimal engagement.
• Periscope app is capable of saving the broadcasts up to 24 hours.
• This app can be used for private broadcasts. For example, If you are interested in broadcasting only to specific people then press the lock icon before going live and select who you want to invite to your broadcast.
• Another important feature of periscope app is its design which was developed over the course of a year and shows detail and care.
• Periscope also allows for streaming to desktop browsers, as well as mobile users.
• Periscope app allows its users to broadcast live video to the world. It instantly notifies you about your followers who can join and send you hearts. The more hearts you get, the higher they appear on the screen.

These kind of apps are unusual but very interesting. People who love social networks will be its best fans. The world has never been so close as it is now, people can literary be on one side of the globe and enjoy a lovely sunset or sunrise on the other side of the world. Amazing!

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