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Apr 11th

Cycling, primarily is a great mean of transportation for short distances, and it is also a well-established sport. Bicycles were pioneered in the 19th century whose number exceeded one billion across the world. The revival of biking in this era is due to its eminent benefits over the conventional motor vehicles spreading pollutants and contaminating the environment. On the other hand, these cycling vehicles are accountable for reduction in traffic clustering. Due to the exponential increase in the cycling technique worldwide and the technological era we are living in, there is much more to cycling than a simple bell and a light. All the advantages of bicycles discussed above elevate the chances for you to buy the bicycle gadgets according to your requirements and desires, so, this article will help to reduce your efforts in searching the best gadgets:

IH85B bicycle speaker

This speaker can make the ride smoother and more fascinating by playing music of your choice during the ride. These ipod compatible speakers are water resistant and are attached to the bike’s frame. These speakers are also provided with the Reson 8 technology, which is responsible for rich sound and clearly audible music during the ride. The current price of these speakers is $99.99.

Ice dot crash sensor

This device is related to handling an emergency situation as it consists of sensors sending alert messages to the phone contacts in urgent conditions. This device is majorly automated by the GPS system fitted in it. The countdown on the sensor sets off during an accident, which is immediately followed by the system sending panic alerts to the contacts in the cell phone. This device works only in iphone 4S and its newer models, while the software compatible to Android 4.3 is still under construction.

Garmin Edge 705

This is a multi tasked device accompanied with various features, making it a possible choice for the bikers. The device is featured with a highly sensitive GPS system that helps to track down the current location along with which, it also measures the altitudes, total number of calories that you have burned during the ride, and the distance covered in a specific time, thus, the gadget was given the name of biking computer as well. The software of Garmin edge 705 then accumulates and processes the data and keeps a record by using the Garmin’s Free Training Software. It makes possible for a biker to enhance his speed and to keep a record on the various dimensions related to biking simultaneously. The price of this device is $499.99.

Copenhagen Wheel

This comes as a separate wheel which replaces the normal rear wheel of the bicycle. The Copenhagen wheel has a magical capability to transform a normal bike to an electric one as this wheel has a motor and batteries contained inside it. Pedalling the bike with this wheel in the rear boosts up energy, while on the other hand, freewheeling also recovers and restores energy.

Hammer Head

This is basically an exclusive navigation device with several LED lights installed in it, which give turn-by-turn instructions about the directions. It ensures the availability of safer routes for biking and allows the synchronization of this device with the smart phone for plotting a route map. This map can then be sent to this device called hammer head so it can analyze the map and provide turn by turn directions.

V.I.O. POV.1

V.I.O. POV.1 is a video system which either gets installed in the helmet or on the handle stem of the bike. This gadget is divergent in its functions as it includes a camera, video recorder with a microphone, wireless remote and related software exclusively designed for the device. The video camera records the journey of the biker by taping the adventurous ride. This device is dust and shock resistant. An SD micro card of about 2GB can be inserted which provides a video timing of 80 minutes. The software for this device allows the rider to edit the video afterwards and can be sent to friends and family.

Rechargeable Bike Lane

This is a new exiting USB rechargeable device and is extremely portable due to its pocket size. The LED’s within the device help in projecting the path of the bike on the roads. It makes the night rides much safer than usual due to the red laser beams drawing instant bike lanes for the bike riders.


Revolights are rings made of LEDs which can be incorporated into the wheels of the bike. The inbuilt system detects the wheels when facing the front or rear of the bicycle by turning the LEDs on. It eventually causes a 360 degree illumination, which elevates the visibility level. These revolights are available only for roads and hybrid bikes with wheels of 27 inches.

All the gadgets mentioned above can bring ease and pleasure to the boring routine of riding, and if not boring, these gadgets can take the excitement a notch higher. So, make a sensible decision and get the best for yourself.

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