Weirdest Gadgets of 2015


Apr 10th

The availability and usage of a variety of new gadgets prove that the world has entered the era of internet. A brief description of some of the weirdest gadgets of 2015 is given below.

Parrot Pot

Parrot pot is actually a plant pot which is used to water the plants. It is very easy to use. For this purpose, you have to connect the Parrot Pot to a Parrot water system that automatically waters the plants. It also measures the ambient temperature, the moisture of the soil, light levels and fertilizer amount.

Netatmo Welcome HD Smart Home Camera

The most interesting feature of this smart home camera is its facial recognition system. This system detects the family members as they come home and also informs other users of their arrival. So, this device monitors each and every move of the user and in this way it can help parents to keep an eye on their children. This camera is also used to ensure the safety and security of the home.

Emiota Belty

It is actually a smart belt, which is flexible enough to constrict or expand itself depending on the frame and posture of the person. Due to these adjustments, there is a guarantee that the belt remains comfortable at all times without losing its purpose. It is also capable of notifying you through your smartphone, when you are getting lazy.

Rollkers Roller Skates

It is a new high-tech version of roller skates which is developed by Rollkers. Its main features are that it allows its users to improve their walking speed as well as move much quicker at the speed of seven miles per hour. According to the company, the increased walking speed does not require any additional effort.


It is actually a refrigerator with a Bluetooth speaker system. You can operate this combined system on a single charge for up to 20 hours. The Kube is great for cooling drinks and food, and you can take it to a trip as well. The department for cooling is a size of a 33 quarts.

Vigilant Rainbow Smart Toothbrush

The Vigilant Rainbow has designed a smart toothbrush which contains the unique feature of recording the data related to the brushing habits of its user. By using this device, one can connect to the smartphone in order to store the information. So, you can share this information with your dentist, in case you find any problems related to your teeth.

Slow Control Baby Glgl

It is a very interesting weird gadget which holds baby bottles. It also keeps the record of such things like how quick baby drinks milk and how much milk the baby consumes. After it collects the information, it sends the data to a connected mobile gadget. This gadget will be available for sale this summer for about 100$.

Edwin the Duck

It is a rubber duck toy. It contains the features of the wireless speaker and creates a connection with a smartphone through the companion app of the toy, which is installed to allow the children to play games. By using this app, one can stay with his/her child from bath time to story time.

Skechers Game Kicks

These are new shoes for children designed by Skechers. They are helpful in a way that they allow the children to play an electronic version of the matching game. The Game Kicks come in various sizes and versions for both boys and girls.

Pacific Smart Pacifier

Blue Maestro has designed the Bluetooth enabled pacifier. This pacifier contains a thermometer and broadcasts the body temperature of children to the parent’s smartphone; it can even track if the child has a cold. This smart pacifier also contains a buzzer alarm which helps you to locate it quickly.


It is a wearable device which mainly focuses on tracking fitness activities. It usually explores a different path which is mainly designed to change your mood. Thync’s developers claim that people can use the waveforms which target specific natural pathways. That gives you the ability to find a more suiting, relaxing state.

Roost Smart Battery

These roost smart batteries are designed for the items related to smoke detectors that are very low when it comes to the priority list. When they are connected via Wi-Fi, they usually fire off a notification to the user’s smartphone if the smoke alarm goes off when you’re away. They also alert you if they’re close to losing their charge.


This weird gadget is equipped with a pair of motors on each skate. It allows you to attain a speed of 10 miles per hours. You can also track your route through your smartphone while using this Rocketskates.

All these gadgets may seem weird, but never the less they do their job well.

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