Apple’s New MacBook


Apr 20th

Apple MacBook
Apple’s new MacBook
is one of the thinnest and lightest Mac products introduced recently. Some of the interesting features of this MacBook are given below:


• According to Apple, this MacBook is not only thinner and lighter in weight but also functional and responses quickly with a black bezel display.
• The thickness of the display portion of this MacBook device is just 0.88mm.
• The polished and embedded Apple logo of this MacBook device also resembles the logos of the iPhone and the iPad.
• The new MacBook has an edge-to-edge keyboard along with a speaker grille right above the keyboard as well as a single USB Type-C port on the left side. While on the right side, a headphone port is available.


• The new MacBook has a 12-inch Retina display.
• This Retina display of the MacBook was created by using a manufacturing process which includes edge-to-edge glass with just 0.5 millimeters thickness.
• The resolution of this device is around 2304 x 1440 pixels.
• This MacBook device has a pixel density of 226 pixels-per-inch (PPI) with 16:10 aspect ratio and viewing angle of 178 degree.
• The MacBook is available in three different colors which are gold, silver and space gray.

Keyboard Redesign

• Due to its lightness, Apple has redesigned the keyboard which is also thinner than the keyboard in the MacBook Air.
• The new butterfly mechanism under the keys provides better precision and is also more stable.
• The redesigned keyboard of MacBook offers about 17 percent more surface area with a deeper curvature and thinner construction.
• For the construction of this thinner keyboard, Apple used the option to remove the LEDs and its associated light guide panel which usually light up its keyboard. Apple preferred a single LED, which is built into each key. That gives a clearer look and also has the benefit of no light leak around each key cap.

Force Touch Trackpad

• In the new MacBook, Apple has used the Apple Watch feature in the trackpad. It has introduced the first Force Touch trackpad which includes built-in force sensors to detect the pressure applied to the surface of the trackpad.
• The new pressure gestures like “Force Click” gesture is enabled by a simple click with a long press. It brings options like maps in the Mail app, file previews on the desktop and Wikipedia entries in the Safari. According to Apple, different types of pressure based gestures are available within the apps.
• The touch trackpad feature of this MacBook has an advantage over other devices of its type because here you can register a click on any part of the trackpad. It also has a Taptic Engine, which offers tactile feedback and notifies the users what is happening on the screen.

Battery Life

• The new MacBook provides all-day battery life with about 10 hours of iTunes movie playback and more than nine hours of web browsing by using its terraced battery design.
• The new MacBook offers 1.1GHz dual-core as well as 1.2 GHz Intel Core M Processor with Intel HD Graphics 5300.
• The Intel Core M Processor of this new MacBook combines high performance and low power for more effective devices. The 5-watt Core M processors are capable of running smoothly and silently due to their low power design and also facilitating the need for an internal fan and vents.
• It also supports 8GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage.

FaceTime Camera Downgrade

In this new MacBook device, due to the size constraints, Apple has downgraded the FaceTime camera. This MacBook generally contains 480 pixels FaceTime Camera. It also includes dual microphones as well as stereo speakers.


• Like many other devices, this MacBook also offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
• The ultimate mobile creative studio is usually provided with about 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. With this facility, you can stay connected to your network, to the wireless peripherals, as well as to the world. The performance of this wireless technology is also faster.
• This MacBook also offers one USB C port. It transfers the data at the speed of above 5Gbps (Gen 1), as well as video output that usually supports VGA, DisplayPort1.2 connections as well as HDM.


The important tasks that iCloud performs are as follows.
• It stores the content and allows you to enjoy the music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and much more from whatever device you’re on.
• Mac works in two different ways. It means that either you capture a picture through your iPhone or change your meeting schedule on your iPad; the iCloud ensures that everything also appears on your MacBook.

New technology is rising from day to day, and this new device is no exception. You can take it anywhere with you, it will serve you well, without any glitches.


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