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Apr 20th

I use to work for an Anti-Virus company, I still work for a large american security vendor, so I know the troubles you can get in to when online.

The bad guys want to get a Trojan or Malware on to your PC, so they can steal your bank details, steal your PayPal details or use your machine to commit fraud around the globe.

There is some good news and bad news, the good news is there are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself, as described below, the bad news is they are pretty determined.

The current going rate for you PayPal details on the underground forums is between USD$100 – USD$500, depending how much money you have access to. If I am a hacker and I manage to get a bit of Malware on to your machine then I can capture your PayPal email address and password the next time you pay for something online.

How do I get the Malware on the machine? Well if you are using Chrome that’s not easy, as Chrome blocks me from making your browser auto install software. So I have to convince you to install my Malware, normally by pretending to be a legitimate bit of software, like a zip program or video player. The only way you can stop that? Antivirus.

You want to buy an Antivirus from one of the big vendors, why? Because they have the biggest threat research teams, that keep up to date with the latest hacking techniques. That means Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky and Trend Micro. Symantec and McAfee are US based companies, Kaspersky, Russian and Trend Micro, Japanese.

Given that Kaspersky was founded by Eugene Kaspersky, who use to work closely with the Russian FSB, I am not sure I want that software on my machine. The American companies, according to Snowdown are natural targets for the American intelligent organisations, think NSA, CIA and FBI, so they are out. Not that I don’t trust those organisations, I just don’t want them up in my business. That leaves the Japanese, Trend Micro.

For those that have not researched this area, Japan has some of the strongest privacy laws on the planet, and Trend Micro has some strong technologies. There AV is market leading, and if you buy their Maximum Security, it comes with a password protector for all of your online passwords, so that you do not have to have the same password for each site you visit, AND you do not even have to type the password in. It remembers the site, and puts the password in for you, so the key logger on your machine will not be able to capture your PayPal (and Other site) details.

The software is ok on memory, it does impact, but is not that bad. You will need to exclude certain directories, I play a lot of online games, and don’t want to lag, so I exclude the gaming directory from the Trend Micros scans, which s nice and easy to do with the product. Your license comes with the ability to install on to three desktops, so one copy will do the entire household.

Don’t get me wrong, there is not to much wrong with Symantec and McAfee products also, but you just get more for your money with the Trend Anti-Virus.

You can buy it from here on Amazon (it is on special less than half price), or if you are too cheap to pay the $30 bucks or so that it costs, re-tweet a link to this article or one of our other articles, with the has-tag #Seczine to @CYSEC_COM, and we will pick a winner for a free copy, each day for the next week!

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