Future Hackers Get Laid?


Jul 29th

An interesting concept video from the boys over at Sight Systems. The video takes the concept of on eye; possibly via contact lenses, display to a level that might be the nature evolution of the Google Glasses.

We see actors portray the daily life of a future being that has access to technology on the go, including full access to the web and home technology. The marriage of Augmented Reality and extensive computing power on the video is very enticing.

You could argue that as you now have answers to any question you can think of at the tip of your, umm, eye, that it even outs the knowledge gap. You want to become a world class Chess player, not a problem technology can help you by instructing you on the best move to make, you want to play in the world series of poker, technology could tell you how to play, analyze the users reactions to every hand and tell you when another player is bluffing based on their Body Language.

Of course it then becomes an arms race, who can pay for the best technology to stay ahead of everyone else.

As technology embeds itself in to our lives there is the risk that your life can be “hacked” as the ending of this video demonstrates.

Nice work boys.

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