Sony MDR – 27


May 22nd

Sony is one of the best companies that deal with electronics. Their headquarters is in Japan, and they mostly produce games, refrigerators and consoles. Today we are going to discuss audiophiles and their purpose. What’s new and enhanced? What are the expectations, the cost, etc.

The company is highly appreciated for providing consumers with high-quality products, and these audiophiles are one such product. Sony made a name for itself, and these audiophiles are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to high tech of this companies’ vast inventory.

Over the years Sony has become one of the biggest names in entertainment because of their various lines of electronics and different standards for each thing. Meaning, Sony can meet the needs of everyone, whether it be a cheap thing for the kids or some expensive headphones for the studio. Well for a few years Sony hasn’t put out any audiophiles let alone notable ones until recently – MDR-27.

These audiophiles cost around seven hundred dollars, which is right around the price of other competing audiophiles but these are a little bit different than its competition. Most audiophiles at this price go with an open back design, which is because open back audiophiles have a wider stage where the sound is more clear and precise. Although this audiophile from Sony has a closed back design, it achieves the sound that most open back audiophiles have. The Sony MDR-27 is also well crafted and very comfortable making them easy to wear for long periods of time. With the audiophiles, comes two detachable cords at 2 different lengths.

There is the normal stereo end cord that is 3 meters long as well as the cord that attaches to amps which is 2 meters long. However there is the down side to these headphones while they are made excellent which at the price they should be; they are quite expensive especially when they don’t come with any protective casing. When it comes to the case, this is a major thing because of the investment that is being made when headphones cost seven hundred dollars especially when most at this price do come with some kind of carrying or protective casing.

But at the same time the headphones by Sony do have an advantage that most of the competition doesn’t. They have been able to re-create the sound that you have in an open back audiophile with a closed back. The one they have also been able to give the benefits of it being closed back which is that the audiophile leaks very little sound out of the headphones and they have a very comfortable plush pressure relieving urethane cushions with 3D sewn covers that do a fantastic job of sealing noise from the outside out. This benefit provides the listener the ability to block literally out the world and zone into their music without any interruptions. Sony has also made some accessories one can buy to upgrade the head phones such as the braided head phone cords that are made for literally anytime or place. Along with that, there are also amps that can be bought for about 1000 dollars.

The bottom line when it comes to this audiophile from Sony is that while the headphones are a bit different from the competition being that they are closed back they still can compete with even the best audiophiles from other companies. That’s because of the various advantages that are presented by the closed back design where the open back sound benefit is achieved. But on top of that being that they are closed back it provides the isolation that an open back headphone audiophile set cannot. But not only that while they are expensive and may not come with a carrying case, but they are very well made as the headset is made of metal. Along with that they are meant to be very quiet as every piece of the audiophiles are custom made with silicone rings around, every moving part to ensure that the axis and everything else is around it is made to be silent in order to not let anything interrupt the musical experience these head phones can provide. So while the headphones are a major investment for anyone due to their price, they are also designed to compete with the very best audiophiles out there and do provide the ultimate music experience that could not be gotten elsewhere.

Once again Sony has deemed themselves one of the best names in electronics especially in music and they still can compete with the very best when it comes to their quality of products and how well the work compared to other audiophiles in this case.

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