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May 23rd

When it comes to technology, it is no secret that it is ever changing and evolving and naturally along with that so is the different types of products that need technology. In just the last few years, there have been tremendous advances in technology and the way we use it. With every advancement made people do take advantage of it to the point that our tastes evolve up to a point we don’t want to live without a certain product and thus can’t live without that product. Overall in the recent years there have been about ten main products that have become looked at as needs by most modernized societies. Let’s have a look at some of them:


The first products that is looked at as a need instead of as a want is the blackberry. The blackberry makes the list with ease as it has become a huge tool, especially for those that work in the business field. It allows business men and women all over the country take work with to finish up. But at the same time, some hate it because it never lets you truly have a day off work. Either could cause problems especially when trying to spend time with you family.


Next on the list comes a smartphone and this one really nearly explains itself. There are handheld devices for everything, but the smartphone replaces them all. The smartphone allows the user freedom to do whatever they need to do by freeing both space and time while still saving the user money from buying all the little devices. But while smartphones seemingly do it all for on the go there is a time for entertainment in which they just cannot apply, and that is with airplanes. It is common knowledge that while riding on airplanes that the airline asks for phones to be shut off during the flight. For those that rely on their phone for everything, this could potentially create a problem. These devices are no bigger than the average paperback book and can do anything from watching movies to playing games. That makes them the only entertainment system to carry on the go.

Digital camera

As we go further down the list, we meet the digital camera. In the past, there was a film. And then came a long waiting period for the pictures to be developed before seeing what was truly captured. That lead to a lot of weird vacation pictures or pictures you didn’t want because they were taken badly. Just think of the time when a kid took your camera and used up your film. Either it was done or it was too late to go back.
But now there is the digital camera in which everything is right in front of you, ending the horrible pictures. Pictures now can all be fixed immediately. You can also share them with anyone right then and there over the computer. You can let people look right from the camera screen that shows you the picture, giving people the convenience of knowing what they have and having a cheap way to share it with friends and family.


Next is iPod, which many people have thought that they can’t live without for a while, due to the ability for them to carry such large amounts of music with them where-ever they go. However, there is now more than just that to an iPod as newer versions cannot only hold more but have games and video capabilities as well.


All of these items are great, but still this world is so ever changing, and it is hard to keep up. That is why the GPS has become such an essential part of life because of the constant need to keep up with things, including the location of places.

Sirus Radio

That isn’t all. When you look at what is essential to us humans in technology, there is so much more left such as Sirus radio. That radio partnered with XM to provide over 100 music channels and is now being put in most cars.


Along with all of this are still noise canceling headphones. The headphones are a given, due to the world being such a crowded place and nearly no one has the same taste in music. On top of that there are so many times when you just need to be away from the noise to be able to focus on what you are working on and listening to. So the headphones have become essential.

Tablet PC

Then there is the tablet PC which is clear on why it makes this list; the tablet is lighter and easier to carry places making it more portable with all the functions of a PC. Those functions make the tablet an obvious choice for both business, school, and home.

All of these gadgets have found a way into our homes and our lives whether we want to admit to it or not. We all know that these gadgets have become something we don’t want to live without because they do in fact make our lives so much easier.


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