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May 25th

Everybody loves gifts. And who does not like tech gadgets. On various occasions when we meet our family and friends, we think of buying gifts and nowadays where people are becoming more tech savvy giving a tech gift is a good idea. However, it needs to be pocket-friendly too. We balance between our budget and a good gift. With such advanced market, it is now much easier to find a tech gadget that is not heavy on your pocket too. Here are few gifts that you can think for buying for your loved ones.

Roku 3

Price: $99

Roku 3 is video steamer in competition with big Market players such as Apple, Amazon and Google. Roku has managed to keep ahead of the competition and was top selling platform of 2014. Roku delivers all major online streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Watch ESPN, Vudu, HBO Go and Sling TV. Roku 3 has added Voice search to its steaming box with other features such as point-anywhere, Wi-Fi control and the headphone jack for private listening. With a cost of 99$ Roku, three can surely be a good tech gift.

Apple TV

Price: $69

The Apple TV is another web streamer that allows you to stream video contents in iTunes Store to HDTV.
It delivers streaming services to Netflix, HBO Go, MLB.TV and other online media services available. You can stream Music, Videos and photos from your iOS devices using Airplay. With the help of Airplay, you can stream any web Video to Apple TV. As compared to Apple TV, Roku 3 offers other content searches as well, such as Amazon Instant, cross-platform search and a remote headphone jack. However at 69$ gifting such a brand is always a good idea to a person who is a big fan of Apple.

Amazon Kindle (2014)

Price: $79

Amazon Kindle (2014) is an e-link reader. It is clean-looking, simple and affordable. The e-link reader comes with Wi-Fi that sports touchscreen that lets you read Amazons best-in-class e-book collection. It can store e-books up to 4GB, which is sufficient enough. It does not come with expandable storage. It comes with 1GHz Processor, quite sufficient processing power. So this is also a good option and affordable tech gadget for a person who loves reading.
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

Price: $79.99

The sleek and stylish Keyboard K760 is surely a great gift idea to an Apple lover who can match this keyboard with his Mac. This keyboard comes with a built-in solar power battery. The integrated solar panel on the keyboard can charge from any light source even with a lamp. You can pair this wireless keyboard with three devices such as iPad, Mac and iPhone. With a touch of a button, you can toggle between devices.

Wacom Creative Stylus 2

Price: $73.95

This is another gift that you can give to an Apple lover. It works well with iPad 3/4, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad Air 1. The thin tip of the stylus lets you sketch, draw or paint. you can rest you palm while drawing without having any additional impression effects as it works with palm rejection technology that lets you rest a hand on the screen. The compact case fits into your pocket easily. It can be recharged with Micro-USB cable which is included in the pack. So surely this is a great gift idea to a person who is creative and loves art.

Sony MDR-7506

Price: $91.95

Sony MDR 7506 is a very comfortable closed-back headphone. It offers a very well balanced and excellent sound clarity. Sony MDR 7506 weighs 8 ounces, so slightly lighter that other full sized headphones. It has 40mm drivers and 63-ohm rated impedance. The closed back blocks any external noise. The coiled cable is permanently attached to ear cup and is 10 feet long. So this is another tech gift which is from a brand like Sony at 91.95$. You can give it to a person who is music or video game lover who does not want to get disturbed by external noise.

Garmin Vivofit

Price: $79.77

Garmin Vivofit is a step counter from a GPS Giant Garmin, which tracks your activity. It is smart pedometer bracelet that tracks you moves. It keeps a record of your daily step count, distance, calories and heart rate over a month. The most impressive feature of Vivofit is its battery. It can run for a year. So this is also a great gift for a tech-savvy and fitness conscious friend at just $79.77.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Price: $99.95

This is another fitness gadget that tracks moves. It records the steps you climbed, calories burned, distanced walked or run. It also monitors for how many hours and how well you sleep. It wakes you up with a silent alarm. It has a Bluetooth connectivity to connect to computers and smartphones. So this is another fitness gadget which cost $99.95, and will make a great gift to a person who is fitness conscious.

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