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Apr 9th

We live in an era where technology is manoeuvring the world in a new and creative way. This technology has helped in elaborating the meaning of entertainment and enjoyment by taking them to a whole new level. These techno- miracles include gaming laptops with the latest graphics, massive and high definition displays, and solely built keyboards in terms of machinery. Moreover, these laptops are mostly expensive, heavier in weight, and power consuming. These laptops are specially designed for the purpose of gaming for passionate gamers. We are here to help you to get your hands on the best gadgets according to your requirements and to help you make a decision that you won’t regret later. Some of the best gaming laptops of 2015 are:



Razor blade 14 is the top ranked brand keeping pace in competing among the best gaming laptops. Its latest 2015 model still occupies the top position in these gadgets with a slim summary of 0.7 inches. It is a beautiful laptop with quad core 2.6 GHz i7 processor. It is counted among the best laptops because of many reasons, among which is the 16 GB RAM that makes it faster and unmatchable. Furthermore, the graphics of this gadget are powered by GeForce GTX 970M. It’s hard drive ranges from 128GB to 256 GB.
A 14 inch touch display will fulfil the ultimate desire of gaming in a luxurious way. Its latest model comes up with great amendments and improvements like upgraded NVidia graphics and immensely enhanced IGXO 3200x 1800-pixel-resolution touch display. It is, of course, the finest speculation in the category of gaming laptops having thin and lean exterior and exciting features with a price of around $1799.99.



This latest 4K gaming laptop includes a 17inch screen with i7 Intel Core Processor. Moreover, the laptop is featured with a huge SSD coupled with a 1TB 7,200rpm HDD and 24 GB RAM. The graphics of this gadget are powered by the latest GeForce 980M. The keys are specifically designed with long size to give you an instant response. The keyboard is lit by red LED for enhance visibility to make it execute easily in any setting. It utterly possesses the potential to immerse the person in this HD gaming planet. It offers additionally fluent gaming with the excellence of performance. Compared to other gaming laptops, the gadget is slimmer and smarter. The price of this gadget is circa $2200.

Since 1996, the brand has been known for the best premium gaming gadgets. Alienware 17 is the latest model in the range of Alienware with an i7Intel Core, a RAM of 8 GB and a one TB hard drive. The external covering is made of aluminium that is covered with a matte black covering with dramatic and powerful finishing of the edges. Along with this, it has a LED lit keyboard and illuminating logos, adding to the sleekness of the laptop. The video system for initiating graphics is 3GB GeForce GTX 970M. The screen is 17.3 inches with a touch display. A sleek LED system lies beneath the keyboard adding to the appearance of the gadget. Overall, it is a powerful and gigantic device exuding adventurous gaming capabilities. The cost of AlienWare 17 is circa $1499.99.

This device is the best choice for those who are not comfortable with the conventional gaming laptop styles as it is one of the thinnest gaming laptops with a sleek exterior in combination with a prominent core. It has been claimed as the slimmest gaming laptop available till now by the MSI, which comes with an extended surface area making it as light as 5.8 pounds only. The laptop has a 17 inches body with a non-touch display, an i7 processor, a hard disk with a capacity of 1TD HDD with 384 GB SSD. It costs a little higher due to its extremely slim finishing and sleek body. It is also provided with a 2.1 audio system having thin sub-woofers delivering the best. This gadget only costs $1849.99.

Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K is a 15.6 inches touchscreen gaming laptop powered by a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M. It rarely looks like a gaming gadget. It consists of a sharp built, wedged speakers installed at the edges, and the USB ports are located at the bottom. Keys of its keyboard are even, with lustrous and wide Tab, Shift and Control keys, which make gaming easier as these are the most recurrently used keys. The dimensions and simple functionality works best with the finest performing Touch screen available. That feature makes it fall in the class of top gaming devices of 2015. It was studied and checked to have enormous performance and outstanding value. The current price of this laptop is $1239.77.

These laptops conferred above are the most amazing gaming gadgets produced till now with extravagant features bringing fun, thrill and ease to the gamers in one shot. Buy one today, if you can afford it.

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