Facebook Hacked?


Oct 28th

It seems something is up over at our blue themed overloads, Facebook. Bogomil Shopov a blogger is reporting that he purchased close to a million Facebook account details, including, the Users email address, which you need to be able to brute force the account password and break in to the account, the User profile link and the user First and Last name, all for the grand price of, wait for it, five bucks!

The deal of the day was via, Gigbucks, which is a competitor to fiver.com, but offering gigs for up to $50. The seller was a user calling themselves Mertem and had joined Gigbucks two weeks ago on the 15th Oct. The account has now been deleted.

Shortly after Bogomil blogged about it, he got an email from the ominously named Platform Policy Team @Facebook, requesting a time and phone number for them to contact him. Not to his blog contact email mind you, no Facebook had obviously tracked him down via, by where else, Facebook and sent him the request to his Facebook registered email address. You are not Anonymous. They are Legion. They do not forgive. They do not forget. Expect them.

A little creepy Facebook, a little creepy.

The conversation went pretty much as he would have expected, they wanted him to send them the data (fair enough), delete it (ok), nark on anyone else he had sent it to (getting creepy again), give the details of the website he brought it from (fair enough), and remove some stuff from his blog (creepy). Oh and naughty Bogomil was NOT allowed to disclose any information about the conversation as it was secret! Jackpot creepy there.

You find a problem with Google, they pay you some money and say thanks, you find a problem with Facebook and you get tracked down by the “Policy” team and told to shut it.

Different approaches there boys.

Have they been hacked? We willl never know apparently as it is now an “internl inevstigation” that will not be shared with any third party.

As a community we thank Bogomil for his diligence and you can read his blog here

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