Changing My Password Turned My iPad Into a Brick!


Oct 31st



I have a confession to make, I have an iPad. The reason that is so hard for me to admit is I am a techie, someone that knows their way around IT. I have been a Microsoft Certified Engineer since the NT 4 days and am even certified on the early versions of Novell.

As we all know, iPads, and most Apple products are designed for, shall we say, not so “IT literate experts”, so it is with some disappointment that I had to spend an hour researching a problem with my iPad. The problem? I changed my password for my email account. A task many of us do every day.

After changing my password while on my Laptop, I jumped on my iPad, and not unexpectedly it asked me for the new password, so far so good. After typing the new password in however the problems began.

It would not accept the password, at all, I must have typed it in 20 times, and it kept refusing to accept it was correct; obviously it would not take the old password either. More frustratingly, because it keeps popping up with the “Password Prompt” I could not do anything else with the device!

Changing my password turned my expensive iPad in to a brick, all be it a pretty looking one.

After researching the problem on Google, yes Apple you can thank Google for covering your ass on this one, I found out this is a very common problem, with lots of users reporting the issue.

How did I fix it? It is not too difficult once you know how.

Step 1: Hold down the Search button on the front of your iPad, while pushing the cancel button on the Password Prompt. This will give you access to your expensive Brick, so that you can now access the “Settings”

Step 2: Once you have access to the “Settings” go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and select the offending account on the top right.

This will pop up with an Account Configuration box, if you select the “Account” name, one more time, it will take you to the area where you account details are configured, including your password.

Step 3: Type in your new password and click “Done”, this should update iPad with the new password.

Step 4: Sometimes it will pop up with the password prompt a few more times after it comes back from a rest state, all you need to do is repeat Step 1, hold down the “Search” button and press “Cancel” on the Password Prompt, and it should all be good.

Quite frankly it is a pain in the butt to go through all of this, just to change your password, but nothing is perfect in this world, not even Apple products.

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