Internet of Things – Cyber Security Apocalypse


Feb 8th

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As 2018 has already started zooming past us, we remember that in the past few years cyber security has been raised as an important issue because of the most talked about hacking events that have haunted us such as WannaCry, the Equifax security breach and the huge Target massacre which ended up with client information being compromised. Everybody that uses and is a fan of technology must be thankful for cyber security, and now that technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives – people should also be absorbing some knowledge about it as well.

As more and more of the world goes digital and millions of people go online, our everyday lives are being slowly transformed to being directed by technology. And by nature, a potential huge security threat is opened as the privacy and data of millions will go digital and hackers will always be on the look for anyways to get their next big wave. As data becomes more important and becomes vastly more required, its security will inherently go up – but at the same time the risk of it becoming vulnerable, also goes up. This can cause a great issue for the increase in which an exploit’s damage can cause.

And when you have to account for the complexity of the Internet of Things, the new age brings only more space for security flaws that – if exploited, could cause great harm. Because as Internet of Things grows as a whole, the amount of technology and the numbers of people that will actually use it will continue to grow. And as that happens, the amount of security flaws and the “level” of threat will continue to grow only exponentially.

The level of intricacy that hackers and automated hacking tools will go up and will easily be able to get to our personal data without our permission. And it is during this technological revolution that we will have to avoid all these little hacks which could eventually add up to a massive collapse of industries and the death of your privacy.

Internet of Things would bring numbers of new innovations that would not only assist us in our day to day lives, but could bring extraordinary changes to our lives as a whole. Now-a-days, everyone has a phone with smartphone caliber capabilities and “home assistant” devices are getting smarter and smarter by the day. We are in our homes, surrounded by technology that is listening in on us and essentially recording our every move to increase our happiness and bring a sort of ease, while increasing our quality of life. And as we may love these devices for what they are and how they better our lives, they could also potentially cause the biggest security threat to us all – combined.

Because what if a hacker was able to get access to something like this? I mean, many of us believe that our privacy doesn’t really exist right now due to the 3 letter organizations of the world – but what if the tech giants were to let us down, and be compromised by a random.

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