Best Laptops for Cyber Security


Feb 5th

Best Cyber Security Laptops
Being in Cyber Security for 20 years, before it was all the rage, I often get asked, what is the best laptop for cyber security, you know, the one that is less likely to get hacked?

You want to be able to do online banking, or store your Cryptocoins without the worry of it getting hacked and someone stealing all your dosh. There is a pretty simple answer, Linux Laptops or MAC.

Here is the reason I say that, there just isn’t much malware out there for Linux or MAC, don’t get me wrong, it exists, but it is very difficult to get infected. In fact I would say you would have to do something pretty silly to get infected, like deliberately download a file you know nothing about and install it. That is pretty hard n MAC and Linux.

When you are buying a laptop for MAC or Linux you need to ensure it is compatible with that operating system, that is not hard for MAC, because you can only buy authorized Apple MAC’s, but for Linux you have some options. You could buy a “compatible” Linux Laptop, which means it will likely come with Windows on it, and you can install Linux over top, or you can buy a Laptop with Linux pre-installed.

I would always go pre-installed, because you know it has been tested, it has all the drivers on it, and it is going to work out-of-the-box, with no hassle to get up and running. Below are your three options, the first being what I brought my non-technical Mother, a MAC, so that she couldn’t get infected. All she wants to do is go on the Internet, go to YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Skype and email and a MAC is perfect for that.


RAM : 8gb
CPU : i5
HDD : 128gb – 256gb SSD
NOTES : Great for Mum’s and non-Tech Savvy
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Cyber Security MAC

Linux (pre-installed)

RAM : 32gb
CPU : i7
HDD : 1tb
NOTES : All the advanced Tech guy/gal will ever need, i7, 32GB RAM and a terabyte of disk space, YES!
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Best Cyber Security Laptops

Linux (Not pre-installed)

RAM : 8gb
CPU : i7
HDD : 256gb SSD
NOTES : Comes with Windows 10, but is Linux compatible, so you get to choose the version you install, Dell has a great break/fix policy and deep driver support for Linux.
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Linux Laptop Cyber Security

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