Syrian Electronic Army Turns on Assad Regime


Aug 21st

The longest standing Syrian Electronic Army Twitter account @Official_SEA7, about the only SEA account that has not been banned over the last six months, today turned on the Assad regime linking to a YouTube video of the Syrian leader’s chemical attack on its people.

The account goes on to Tweet that “Evil Lives” and linked to a photo of the Syrian President.

In a phone interview with one of the “leaders” of the Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker calling himself “ThePro” told Seczine that they “no longer supported Al-Assad or the political corrupt that would attack its own people, woman and children with chemical weapons”.

“We are calling for all members of SEA to focus their attentions on the political elite that is the scourge of our country.”

This is a significant sea change for the hacker collective that previously took the stance that western media were spewing propaganda against the Syrian leadership, it now seems that the chemical attacks against his own people has turned hearts and ideologies.

“We are the Syrian Electronic Army, we will fight to defend our people, Evil should fear US and ALLAH” is now the strap line on the Twitter account.

Below is the video that the Syrian Electronic Army linked to.


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