FAIL! Computer Says No!


Nov 6th

Reports out of the US election, voters using electronic voting booths with touch screens that tried to vote for the incumbent President Obama are forced to vote for Romney!

See the video below:

The user taking the video reports, via Reddit, that he is a software developer by trade, so when he saw the problem immediately went in to troubleshooting mode. He attempted to select Obama, the computer selected Romney, he selected Romney, the computer selected Romney. He thought it might be a calibration error so decided to select the candidate below Obama, Jill Stein, the logic being that the computer was selecting the user above the candidate you selected, the computer selected, Jill Stein. Apparently you could select anyone BUT Obama. Not a standard calibration error.

Our clever developer, not deterred, started tapping from the top of Romney’s name, selecting and deselecting the candidate to verify the “active area”. The “active area” for Romney was from the top of his voting button, to almost the very bottom of the Obama voting button. There was a sliver of space, a few pixels, from the bottom of the Obama Checkbox (seen in the video to the left of the Obama name) to the bottom of the Obama button, that if hit perfectly spot on would vote for Obama.

From an audit point of view this would be important. If you were to conduct an audit of the voting system and wanted to ensure that Obama was an option that “could be selected” there had to be a space on the screen that allowed you to vote for Obama. Therefore any “independent” audit by the administration in power after the voting has completed could say the voting was fair and square.

Oh and yes, Romney’s son does run a Fund of Fund that has investments in the company providing voting machines for the elections.

I am sure it is all above board though.

Update 1 : Reports now stating that similar irregular voting options being detected in North Carolina.

Writing code to rig elections would never happen in America would it? Wrong, the writing of the code has already happened, see below video.

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