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May 21st

When it comes to computers, specifically laptops, they are ever-changing creatures advancing rapidly with technology. Changes in laptops vary from the specs that make the laptop run to the look and the weight of the machine. Over the past couple year’s laptops in general have become light and light as the goal is to make them more portable with longer battery lives in order for laptops to still compete with the ever growing tablet line.

Well, Dell has come out with their new laptops which are better than ever and have been blowing customers’ expectations right out of the water and running with them. Overall the new Dell’s are lighter, faster and have a long battery life along with living up to their reputation for being durable and dependable.

To begin the line-up, there is the overall best Dell laptop for 2015 the Dell XPS 13. The XPs 13 is a very affordable ultra-laptop which is said to be the best ultra-laptop for its price of fewer than two grand. Some of the iconic features for this laptop is the framing on the screen as it is the smallest possible frame to allow for a bigger screen without a bigger laptop. Other features that have blown away both marketers and customers are its durability, fast speed, and long battery life. Along with that the laptop really is very light. But the XPS 13 isn’t the only great laptop that Dell has created recently. It’s well known that Dell has created other sub-categories of laptops such as the Chromebook and alien ware for gaming computers and each one of those sub-categories beyond the normal laptop also has seen a laptop rise to the top. For the Chromebooks, it’s the Chromebook 2. The laptop is run off OS Intel I3, has an excellent battery life, has the lightning speed to it, and is very light.

As far as the alien wear goes it has always been known for its seemingly unreal speeds and amazing graphics but with the alien ware 17 Dell has taken it to a whole new level. This gaming laptop has brought graphics to a whole new level giving the gaming; a completely new and like real experience. Speeds still amaze all people, and the battery life has been extended for hours of on the go gaming without having to worry about plugs and wall outlets.

While the expensive fancy laptops are wonderful, it’s no lie that they are not for everyone no matter what the reason is. Whether it be that they don’t know how to use the fancier ultra-laptops or they have no need for the extra features some people just prefer to have a simpler type of laptop. The problem with that is many times laptop companies mistake simple for cheap and end up producing cheaply made computers with terrible battery life. Typically these computers run slow and have very little storage space. Because of this, people often end up spending extra money for a laptop that isn’t what they want. Because it has extra’s that seem just to get in their way more than anything else and ends up leading to the person hating their computer and not using it.

So now Dell has come out with the solution to this as well, and its name is the Latitude e7450. This computer has a simple and sleek design in which the user gets exactly what they want and nothing they don’t. As this purely has just the basics that are needed without any fancy bells and whistles to get in the way.

The laptop has a great battery life and good hard drives making it an easy “old reliable”. Overall Dell has made some impressive computers that all range in price to ensure that everyone can access at least one of them and also with that it’s what people are looking for now because it has the speed and the battery life. More computers come with screens that are more high definition and thus are more pixelated and have problems with the battery life because they use more and more battery life. But even that Dell has seemed to overcome that in their new endeavor with their laptops. Dell is surely on the radar this year with these laptops coming out as there is really one for every type of customer. With these features and the focus being on what is vital they are sure to sell in this day and age.


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