The Top Eight Places You Are Playing Mobile Games (eewww)


Jun 6th

By the nature of being mobile, we are no longer confined to our living rooms or bedrooms to play games. EA Games in conjunction with PopCap, the company EA Games paid $1.3billion dollars for, have spent a lot of time understanding where we are when playing these mobile games.

And it is an interesting read:

#8 – At Social Gatherings

14.7% of us will play our mobile games at social gatherings, well lets be honest it’s better than talking to girls, who obviously have cooties.

#7 – While Shopping

15% of us will play our mobile games while out shopping, most likely while waiting for the Mrs to try on that third pair of jeans in a slightly bluer blue.

#6 – In the Bathroom

19% of us will play our games in the bathroom, and the last time we checked phones are not shower proof, but that’s not an issue cause it is not in the shower we are playing these games.

Stop saying “eew”, you know you have played a game while sitting on the throne.

#5 – While Spending Time with the Family

22% of us would rather spend time on the mobile game and ignore the family.

#4 – Commuting

25% of us play mobile games while commuting, which if you have finished the newspaper, what else are use suppose to do? Talk to someone? Please.

#3 – While Watching TV

39%of us aren’t satisfied with the TV as enough entertainment, we need more, and mobile games it is.

#2 – Waiting for Someone

47% of us play games while waiting for someone to turn up.

#1 – Lying in Bed

67% of us will play mobile games while lying in bed, its not like there is anything else better to do while lying in bed. Is there?

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