Next-Gen Crypto? Owned!


Jun 21st

The Next Generation of Cryptography is the 923bit pairing-based cryptography and should take approximately several hundred thousand years to crack. Therefore government agencies across the globe, along with large multi-nationals are adopting the new standard.


In fact it took less than 149 days. Fujitsu Laboratories said on Monday it has successfully cracked the next-gen crypto. Working with Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and Kyushu University, Fujitsu was able to complete a cryptanalysis of the 278 digit in exactly 148.2 days. The team used 21 personal computers with a total of 252 cores running parallel programming techniques.

“As cryptanalytic techniques and computers become more advanced, cryptanalytic speed accelerates, and conversely, cryptographic security decreases,” Fujitsu said in a statement. “Therefore, it is important to evaluate how long the cryptographic technology can be securely used.”

In cracking the crypto Fujitsu set a new world record in the speed required to break the 923bit key.

The Fujitsu paper, with full technical details (we warned you!) can be found here:

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