The Best Longboards on the Market


Sep 3rd

Longboards are awesome, from speeding down hills at 40 miles an hour, cruising around town or pulling of some cool tricks, you going to have a good time with a longboard.

Check out these guys.

So what are the best, well it depends on what your plans are, a cruising longboard is a different setup than a “go bat of hell down a hill” board. Below ware the best I have found, either because I have owned them myself or my friends have owned them.

Need for Speed

In the video above the guys are running on a Acid Addict board with Aera Trucks, they use either K3s, or K4s. The Acid Addict board is durable, it is going to last you a good few years for your slightly more expensive investment. But to be honest the board is not the critical part, as long as you get a durable board with a dropthough, which provides stability at speed.

Check these ones out they have a bit of style and have been used by the guys for a few years with out issues (click on image for more pictures):


The Aera trucks are expensive, but when you are travelling down hill at 40 miles an hour you want something engineered to hold your weight and give you a stable ride, and you can’t beat the Aera trucks for that. (click on image for more pictures)

Area Trucks

Want ta Cruise

If you aren’t looking at barrelling down a hill at speed, then you most likely want a Cruiser, they are cheaper, because they are not engineered for the high tolerance required for super sonic speed. They also tend to have a bit more style, both in shape and graphics.

Here are some of our favorites, ranging in price from $50 bucks to $200 bucks, complete packages, everything you need to jump on the board and cruise down main street. Check em out. (click on image for more pictures)

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