Five Simple Free Android Games for Everybody


Jun 3rd

I doubt that there is anybody in this world who would not like to play games. Be it on a phone or ground, everybody loves to play games to freshen up their minds. Here are few free, simple Android games that everybody would like to play.

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is the sweetest saga that you can play alone or play along with friends with your Facebook integration. It is completely free game, however certain options such as extra moves, lives, and boosters need payment. If you do not want to buy you can still play the game with the available lives and if lives are over, you can wait for it to be available or ask your Facebook friend for life.

In each level, you need to reach certain goals, like some score or bringing some ingredients down, or clearing all the jelly. You need to match three or more candies. Some additions boosters get activated with a certain type of moves that makes you score high and reach you goal fast. These boosters make your game quite interesting. You can know your friend’s score if you have your Facebook account logged in with candy crush. You can send an invite or ask for a life from your friend via Facebook.

Initial stages in candy crush are easy to play however later stages are difficult to play without boosters, and you’ll probably have to buy additional lives or boosters. But if you are not in competition with your friends and just want to enjoy playing the game, you can do it without paying anything. You just have to wait for the lives and additional levels to be unlocked. Overall a very interesting game that mostly everybody will love to play.

2. Word of Tour

Word of Tour is an interesting game to complete your level with given goals or tasks. In each level, you have tasks like completing a word tile or completing a phrase, getting a token to the bus or collecting stamps. You need to complete your task within limited moves, and you are given five attempts to do it.

So if you are out of moves or you have lost all your lives, you need to wait till your life is refilled. You can ask for moves and lives from your Facebook friends as well. You have an option of in-app purchase as well, so you can buy moves and lives with real cash. However, you can still enjoy it without spending money. You just have to wait for lives to be refilled. Not a bad option for playing such a good game for free. I loved it.

3. Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Super monster ate my condo is another interesting and addictive game where you need to link same color condos for a constantly growing tower and mid monster attack.
You need to wipe out unwanted colors to both sides where four monsters are waiting to gobble them up. Each monster is colored and likes to eat the same colored condos. If you feed them too many wrong colored condos they shake your tower. If you feed them right, monsters will be happy, and they will activate their special power, and they will assist you in making better scores and upgrades.

The clock appears when you match 3+ condos. You have additional upgrades that you can buy from boost shop. You can use coins earned to buy these and can also spend real cash to buy them. However, that is really not required, and you can still enjoy the game.
Overall a very interesting and a very addictive game that many would really like to play.

4. Crossy Road

This is another addictive game, which many people would love to play. The game is basically about crossing the road, train tracks, river, grass, etc. without dying. The player plays as a mascot and needs to move forward with a tap or swipe in the right or the left direction in order to move forward. The players also need to pass the obstacles coming their way. You earn points when you move forward each square unit. You get bonus points when you collect gold coins that are coming your way.

Coins are the currency in the game, and you can use them to buy additional mascots. You can buy coins with real cash as well. However, you can still enjoy the game without actually buying coins and using them in-game currency that you get. Another good free android game that I bet you all will love to play.

5. Skyward

Another simple free Android game that you would like to play, maybe not for long, but surely you would love it for a few levels. You will unlock new structures with high scores. The more you score and unlock new structures, the more interesting you will find it to play. You have limited time to complete your moves, so that makes your game more challenging.
Overall a good game to play, however, you may not find it interesting after some time due to monotonous play.


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