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Apr 22nd, 2015


I love this product, and so does the wife! Powerbot is a robotic vacuum cleaner with powerful suction capabilities and various ranges of cleaning modes. A brief description of some of the most interesting features of the Samsung Powerbot is given below:
Powerful Suction

The highly powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner is maintained by Cyclone Force. With the Samsung digital inverter technology, this powerful suction collects the dust and dirt particles from the floors in your home. The functions performed by this suction are as follows:

• This tremendous suction power collects the large amount of dirt and debris very impressively.
• A strong centrifugal force is generated by the Cyclone Force, which circulates dust particles by using the inner chamber.
• In the next step, the collected dust particles are separated from the air and filtered into the outer chamber. In this way, blockage of the filter is reduced.

Digital Inverter Motor

This amazing Samsung Powerbot is equipped with a digital inverter motor which allows it to work silently. No friction is created by the internal mechanism of this Digital Inverter Motor which causes it to be quiet and highly robust. Its compressor is provided with a 10-year warranty.

Comprehensively scans the room

The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 also features include the high performance of full view sensor that broadly scans the room in order to identify that either they must be large or small. The wide view of this sensor has negligible blind spots which allow the Powerbot to avoid smartly obstacles and to pass up those areas where it can get stuck in. For example, the gaps found between the table and chair legs.

Point and clean

The Samsung vacuum cleaner also offers a Point Cleaning option on the remote controller that provides you an opportunity to guide it to particularly dusty areas/spots. If someone is interested in cleaning the recent mess with Powerbot, he can just pick it up and move to that specific area. For this purpose, you can simply point the controller in front of the Powerbot. It will pursue the light beam to the specific area which you are pointing to. Therefore, it is very easy and interesting to use Powerbot for cleaning purposes which also saves your precious time.

Easy Pass Wheels

Easy Pass wheels of this Samsung Powerbot VR9000 are 105 mm in diameter. That feature gives it the mobility required to minimize the obstacles such as the boundaries of the carpet, so it can keep cleaning while you are not at home.

The device calculates its cleaning path

The Visionary Mapping plus System of this vacuum cleaner is used to guide the Powerbot to cover the maximum cleaning path in your home. It creates a complete map of your house as well as creates the best cleaning path by using its high-performance computer chips, sensors, and onboard digital camera. The device is so efficient that it automatically finds the charging point for recharging when the battery is low of course.

Cleaning modes and scheduling options

There are 7 cleaning modes in this Samsung Powerbot VR9000. You can choose the best possible way to clean in different conditions. The different cleaning styles of this Powerbot include Spot, Auto, Quiet, Max and Manual modes. This Powerbot also offers two scheduling modes which are timer and daily mode. By using the timer mode, one can start it automatically at a particular time while in daily mode, and one can set it to clean at the same time every day. The Dust Sensor mode allows it to clean repeatedly whenever it detects any dust. This smart device thinks for you. The cleaning speed of this Powerbot is 0.32 m/sec and the cleaning time is around 60 minutes.

Always charged automatically

There is also an Auto Charge function in Samsung Powerbot VR9000. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its power. When the battery of this Powerbot is low, it moves robotically to the charging point to recharge itself. And after charging it moves back to its last location and carries on with cleaning. The recharging time of this device is about 160 minutes.

How Powerbot Works

For the better dirt removal and cleaner homes, Samsung Smart Digital Inverter Technology first generates a suction power, which is approximately 60 times better (in power) as compared to traditional robot vacuums. In the second step, the elongated drum brush of this device covers a much wider area from corner to corner without using side brushes even as making it less likely to get twisted up in wires or carpet fabric. The strong suction power will be maintained in the next step which generates a strong force of centrifuge in order to circulate the dust particles via the inner chamber. The particles of dust are separated from the air and transferred into the outer chamber. In this way, the device keeps the filter clean and reduces the clogging over a longer period of time.

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  1. ED RAGNONE says:

    Purchased Samsung vr9050 on line from Best Buy a week ago. Took it to my friend’s house to try it out because they have an open floor plan. After charging it we pushed the start button and off it went. First, it turned around a few times to get the layout of the room. Then it started to vacuum. It vacuumed a small space at first getting used to the furniture layout. It then vacuumed half the
    living room and took off for the kitchen. It vacuumed half the kitchen then took off to do the rest of the house. I was surprised at this for not finishing a room first before taking off for another room but from reading the reviews I knew this was a first time mapping run. It got stuck on the fringe carpet in one of the bedrooms so we had to take it out of that bedroom and turning the switch on , off then on and putting it down in the hall. It continued to vacuum and went back and finished the other bedroom, the bathroom, and returned and finished the kitchen and the living room before returning to its base to shut down and recharge. It did the whole house very well. My friends have bare wood floors with area rugs, tiled bathroom and kitchen. I noticed that the vacuum rose up on its wheels when moving from the bare floors to the rugs. If it got stuck on the edge of a rug and bare floor a little bit it backed off finished the room and went back to the spot it got hung up on and vacuumed it. If there was more dirt in one spot it went over it till it was clean to its sensors. My friends are VERY CLEAN people but we were amazed at the amount of dirt and dog hair it picked up and they had cleaned their house the day before I got there. It cleaned as well as my Dyson vacuums. We were amazed. This was set on Automatic Mode. I purchased it from Best Buy at $799.00 plus tax. The only difference between this 9050 model and the new one coming in June 2016 is that the newer model can be programmed from your phone at a $400.00 increase in price. I don’t feel that feature is worth the additional money. From the reviews I’ve read, the Dyson Eye is $1800.00 and doesn’t have as great a suction though it has more filters and treads and is phone programmable. REMEMBER!!! THIS IS ITS FIRST RUN OUT OF THE BOX.
    I am extremely happy with my purchase of the SAMSUNG VR9050 VACUUM.
    If you are shopping for a robotic vacuum get this one. You won’t be sorry.
    Its price is normally $999.00 and the newer model in June will be about $1299.00.
    I got it on sale for $799.00 plus tax which was a total of about $824.00. A good buy.
    My friends were amazed at how smart it is and the dirt it picked up.
    I was amazed that its wheels extended down to climb up onto rugs from bare floors.
    Happy Vacuuming.
    Fishkill, NY
    April 9, 2016

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