Best Smartphones in 2015 For Taking Pictures


Apr 14th

As soon as smartphones appeared, they immediately replaced the traditional devices for taking pictures. With the help of these Smartphone cameras, you can take pictures and immediately share them with your friends. Smartphones with high-quality cameras are great for trips, vacations and for capturing some of your best memories. On some phones, we can find large sensor compact cameras. But still, they cannot compete with a standalone camera. The best features of smartphones is that they have a wide aperture for taking pictures, and thus making it easy for us to control the quality of the image.

If you want to go out with your friends or family, you should know which Smartphone is the best for taking photographs. This way, you won’t need any other type of camera. Here are a few suggestions highlighting some of the best features of a few reliable smartphone cameras:

1. Samsung Galaxy S6

We have never seen such a smartphone. It has 16 megapixel back camera with auto-focus face detection and image stabilization feature making the galaxy S6 an excellent choice for taking pictures. Nearly a 30 % on top of a large aperture (f/2.2.9 f/vs.) S6 Galaxy can take pictures even in low light, at night or in the faint light. The pictures this phone takes are clear and awesome. Phase detection autofocus camera is nearly equal to I Phone 6 plus it has a face recognition future. It also has a front five megapixel camera, and you can also take selfies and enjoy the moments. You can buy it in $ 800.

2. iPhone 6+

iPhone 6+ is one of the best phones for taking pictures. Its best feature is that it can fight phase-detection autofocus (what Apple calls “attention to pixels”). It has 2 G, 3 G as well as 4 G connectivity. It has eight megapixel rear camera which is almost equal to I phone 6. It also has the ability of image stabilization and auto focus phase detection. Even in low light, its image quality is very good. Due to these features, it will be considered as one of the best phones for taking pictures. Its price is $ 790.


3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active or Sport

Due to its waterproof ability and shock resistant case, Samsung Galaxy S5 active is a very popular smartphone in the market. The quality of the front camera is the same as the back camera. It has lots of effects and other apps such as the photo editor, which improves the picture quality. Its 16 megapixel camera takes cool pictures. You can also take selfies from its front two mega pixel camera.


4. HTC Desire Eye

Most people are more comfortable to take pictures by using the front camera rather than taking pictures from the rear camera. It has a non-wide 22 mm equivalent lens which makes wide pictures from the front camera. Its back camera also features 13 megapixel which places it on the top list of best smart camera phones. It has 1920×1080 pixels resolutions power. Very cool smartphone to take pictures everywhere. Its price is $453.


5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1

An excellent feature which makes Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 on the top list for taking pictures is that it has a lens just like a digital camera. This camera has a large image sensor with physical control feature and is a real manual mode CM1 camera. All these features are not present just in any phones. You can easily adjust its aperture. It is an additional feature which is not present in any other smartphone camera. Its 1 inch sensor with high ISO feelings and negligible grain enables very wide-ranging images. The presence of a metal ring around its lens protects its camera from dust particles. You can easily adjust the settings (it allows manual settings); the camera activation button and shutter with a touch screen. Its camera looks like a digital camera. Its price is around $799.

You can pick up any phone from these smartphones if you want to choose between a high-quality camera phones. None of this gadgets will let you down. Choose the best and live your life beautifully by preserving beautiful memories.

Smartphones with cameras will never be able to replace real photo cameras. However, there are some intelligent phones (such as the ones mentioned above) with good features for taking photos and can serve the purpose just fine. If you are taking a one day trip or just having fun and wish to perpetuate the moment, a smartphone will do the trick. Photos are easily shareable via all the social networks, and anyone can instantly see what you are up to. These few selected smartphones are one of the best regarding taking pictures and videos. Do your research well, and choose the one that suits you the best.The money you spend will be money well spent.


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