Twitch Gets Hacked!


Mar 24th

Twitch, the popular, LEADER, in the online streaming gaming arena has been hacked, leaking user data in to the ether known as the Internet. User are waking up to an email informing them that there has been “unauthorized access to SOME of your Twitch user account information”.

The email then goes on to say that

“possibly your Twitch username and associated email address, your password (which was cryptographically protected), the last IP address you logged in from, and any of the following if you provided it to us: first and last name, phone number, address, and date of birth”

WTF? Some? What didn’t get hacked? If you have used the same user name and password on any of you gaming accounts you better crack on and change them, now! ¬†Because trust me, the fact that the password are¬†“cryptographically” protected means squat in this day and age.

They didn’t say if the passwords were salted, which would give an extra level of protection and force the hackers to break each password individually, they should have salted the passwords, but given the fact that they have just lost all my user data to hackers, I am not going to make any assumptions about their competence.

Amazon needs to throw a bit of cyber security money at the little brother it purchased last year for over $1.6 billion dollars.

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Twitch Gets Hacked

Twitch Gets Hacked

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