Hacker Justice Against Alleged Rapists


Jan 2nd

The hacker collective KnightSec initiated an attack, dubbed Operation Roll Red Roll (#OpRollRedRoll), on an Ohio High School Football Team’s fan website after the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by the team’s players.

Last weekend, the Steubenville High School’s website was taken down and replaced with a modified webpage and a video of KnightSec’s formal demand for a public apology on behalf of the 16-year-old victim.

KnightSec, a faction of the Internet activists group Anonymous, threaten to release the personal information of the school’s football players and staff members, if an apology was not made. The released information would include the full names, social security numbers and other identity related info. In order to substantiate their threat, some preliminary information on 13 of the players and their parents, has already been released.

KnightSec’s video states that the town of Steubenville has taken efforts to cover-up this crime, and KnightSec would not allow this a campaign of concealment to continue.

The alleged gang rape was reported on in the New York Times website, as an unsettling crime originating from small town Ohio. Prosecutor stated that the 16-year-old alleged victim was drunk and incapacitated during the entire event. The young lady was allegedly escorted to several different locations where she was repeatedly raped by multiple parties. Images and videos circulated on twitter and other social media sites, depict a picture of a victim who was unconscious for several hours and subjected to many different forms of abuse. Some of the images even hint that the victim was forced to endure various humiliations, such as being urinated upon by one or more assailants. Another image depicts the victim being carried by her arms and legs, while appearing unresponsive.

Knight Sec

Knight Sec

Two players are currently released on bail, pending trial. Ma’lik Richmond’s and Trent Mays’s, arraignment hearing is scheduled for February. As the community comes to grips with the allegations, a surprising number of community members have stood up in defense of the players. Despite the large amount of video and photographic evidence against them, many of the small community’s citizens have placed the blame on the shoulders of the victim.

Update : Video surfaces of students talking about alleged rape!

The below video was run on the Roll Red Roll football fan site by KnightSec.

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