Has Dropbox Been Breached?


Jul 19th

Users of popular file sharing service Dropbox are reporting an influx of spam, practically their European based users. The Dropbox user forum has seen an increasing number of postings since Monday indicating users are receiving Spam to their dedicated Dropbox email addresses.

The Dropbox response has been to hire outside experts to investigate the source of the spam and the possible breach of data. Currently there are over 200 posts from users about the spam on the Dropbox forum where users have reported receiving over 40 emails since the weekend, mostly pointing users to European Casino websites.

While the spam seems to be limited to European users to date it has been pointed out that the European Casino included in the spam only pays commission for non US users, as the Americans have been blocked from gambling in Europe. Users have also reported targeted emails in their own language and copying in other users from the same email domain.

This is not the first time Dropbox has courted controversy. In June 2011 for a short period users could logon to anyone’s account by using any random password, as long as you knew the users email address you had access to their account and files.

Having said that, they did have the fix up within four hours so does have a reputation of responding quickly and by calling in outside experts to investigate the spam seems to be keeping that reputation intact at least.

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