SOCA Socks a Scammer


Jun 14th

Jay Moore

Jay Moore

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) today sent down four scammer behind the Freshshop website. The main character was Jay Moore, pictured, who set up the identity and financial data trading website.

SOCA raided the Gloucestershire home of 21 year old Moore to discover a web farm serving request for stolen financial data. It was discovered the website had credit card details of over 340,000 people. The estimated financial lost to the general population was conservatively calculated at USD$40m.

When captured Moore had over a USD$265k in his bank account and USD$125k in a bedroom safe, he also own a BMW with a personalised number plate and lent his farther over USD$60k to contribute towards a property purchase.

Moore hid his ill gotten gains by filtering the income through a fake web design business. His partner in crime was Damian Horne, a 22 year from Manchester. The pair had previously met in hacker forums and started their crime empire by selling fake iTune vouchers and game codes on eBay.

Moore also roped in Lewis Danter a 20 year old male from Coalpit Heath, and John Allen a 22 year old male from Bedminster Down to collect large sums of money from Western Union outlets in the Bristol area.

The Freshshop website served up stolen credit card data that Moore had hacked from varies databases across the web, but also sold other hacker plundered booty, for which he charged a commission. The commission was typically paid via Western Union, from nefarious sources across the globe.

His punishment for causing nearly USD$40m in economic lost to his victims? Three years, of which he is likely to server half of the time with the clogged up state of UK jails.

Horne got 21 months, and the Western Union money men got a slap on the hand with 120 hours community service.

It seems crime does pay, very well in fact.

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