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Jun 6th

Samsung, a company that came about in the early 20th century and has since been creating advances with technology that in some areas many people think that they could no longer live without. Lately, Samsung new venture towards tablets have been wildly successful specifically with the Galaxy tablets. The first versions came out shortly after the Samsung Galaxy phones became popular and people were beginning to turn towards tablets in unseen ways, where many people carry them around all the time.

Since the arrival of the Galaxy tablets, their popularity has grown like wildfire. But with that popularity also came the problem that the Galaxy tablets often are considered too expensive for a large group of people that are forced to live on a smaller budget. Therefore cannot afford as many luxuries as some others who can buy the tablets with ease, thus cutting Samsung off from a huge group of people who would otherwise likely invest in the Galaxy tablet. Of course there are cheaper versions of the Galaxy tablet but that is with the sacrifice of screen size. That is all nice, but many people live on a smaller budget and are still looking for that larger screen.

But now it seems as if Samsung is answering that, as well as allowing the company to fully expand their focus audience to be able to reach and to be accessible to literally everyone on some level. That answer is the Galaxy Tab A.

The Galaxy tab A was shown off in Russia last month. The tablet has a 9.7-inch screen which is great for those people that desire a large screen tablet. However, that down side to this tablet is that the power is much lower than the power in the other galaxy tablets. So in that case it’s not the exact thing that you would get with the most expensive versions of the galaxy tablets such as the S2 that is coming out soon. But at the same time the price difference may make up the loss in power.

For those in Europe acquiring this tablet may not be too far off as it is already on Germany’s website. However, that does not guarantee that this tablet will ever make it to the United Kingdom but it does make its chances significantly higher. If it does come to UK, it will be a great option for those seeking at larger screen tablet. When it comes to the specs of the tablets, the screen size is 9.7 inches. It has 1.2 quad core processor, 5MP camera, 2MP front-facing camera, and 16GB of storage which is the standard for all of the versions of this tablet.

When it comes to the Galaxy Tab A, there are three versions of the tablet all with different prices of course. The least expensive is the Wi-Fi version of the tablet, next is the LTE version. The most expensive version of the Galaxy Tab A is the phone arena version in which it is said that it will come with an S Pen stylus. As far as Germany goes they have plans to release the tablet in May. As for everyone else there is still no guarantee, but it is still exciting for those that love the Galaxy tablets because it gives hopes that there is a more affordable Galaxy tablet coming about soon.

Affordable phones are becoming more and more popular, let’s just recall the Xiaomi Redmi 2. These phones are not much of a lesser quality when compared with more expensive intelligent phones. Many manufacturers have released or have one budget phone in the works. The same thing goes for tablets.

Phablets are also very popular these days, and of course they owe their popularity to their size. They can be firmly held, and are nice to look at. If you love to browse through the internet, you will love all the benefits phablets offer. It will be easy to read from a phablet, to look through the photographs and to take selfie pictures.

If you love to browse through the internet, you will love this tablet. It may not be the best tablet on the planet, but still, it will provide you many happy moments. Samsung is one of the best companies which manufacture phones and tablets, they listen to their customers and give them what they want.

Tablets are great companions on trips. If you have kids, they will simply love this tablet. You can pack it up with different games and voila. Their size is the key to their success. Bigger than a phone, smaller than a laptop, a perfect blend. Of course, not everything can always be perfect. The tablet has a big screen, but low power. However, it is a budget tablet, and something had to be downsized.

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