Kaspersky Says “No!”


Jan 1st

Kaspersky Anti-Virus users today were waking up to no internet! An update from the Anti-Virus vendor cut off internet access for users. Presumably with no Internet access your risk profile was significantly improved, however users were none too happy to find they could not check in to Facebook to see what the Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend was up to.

The update seemed to impact the web anti-virus component of the Kaspersky suite. In an update from Kaspersky they stated that the issue was caused by a database update at 8:52pm on Feb 4th, Moscow time.

They go on to say that x86 (Windows) systems with the majority of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus solutions installed were impacted and the quick fix was to disable web Anti-Virus. Within four hours they had released a fix to the database and pushed it out to their servers.

Of course, if the Internet is blocked, you can’t get the fix!

The only hope is to disable Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus and then do an update. Not a good look for the Russians in this instance.

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