Elon Musk Announces “THE MISSING PIECE”


May 1st


Elon Musk in Hawthorne California, today announced “Tesla Energy” and it’s new product, a battery, stating that current batteries “suck, they are stinky and ugly, you need the missing piece, that will allow you to have a sustainable world, that missing piece is what we are going to show you tonight.”

Elon Stated “we have this handy fusion reactor in the sky, the Sun”, generating enough power to provide for all of humankinds current and future energy needs, “the Sun, it just works, show’s up everyday and produces an insane amount of energy”.

The new product is called the Tesla Powerwall, a wall mounted battery pack. “The fact that it is wall mounted is critical, a normal household can bolt this to the wall, external, in the garage or even on an internal wall”. “It works out of the box, you will always have power, you could go completely of grid, you take your solar power panels, charge it up and you have power”. The cost is $3500, you can stack up to nine power walls. Each one providing 10kwh output.

A small home occupied by one or two people who work full time, uses approximately 2,000 kWhs of electricity a year or 5.5kwhs a day. With peak usage in the evening, which of course does not match the peak sun energy output, which is around midday.


The Powerwall would allow the storage of the energy for when it is required, two units should be able to power most homes with output at 2.0 kW continuous, 3.3 kW peak per unit. Powerwall can reduce your power bill by storing electricity when rates are low and powering your home when rates are high or take and store the free energy coming from the sun, via Solar Panels.

Elon estimates that it would take only 2 billion power packs globally, to power the entire worlds household, company and transport infrastructure requirements. About the same number of cars that are currently on the road, that car stock refreshing every twenty years or so. Implying that within 20 years the world could be “of the grid” and “of carbon generating energy sources”.

You can order the Power-Wall right now, it will be shipped in the next 3-4 months with production ramping up over the next year with the giga-factory in Nevada coming online.

While the concept seems pretty straight forward, the Powerwall really does have the opportunity to change how the world does energy, for the better.

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