We are looking for vendors that have a cyber security/information technology security product, to do a video with us, as part of a series, explaining what problem you solve, what is unique about your implementation of the solution and why that is important to the end user.

It won’t cost you anything, we just want to ensure the CYSEC community is informed about all of the great products out there. At the end of the year we will pick the best security products based on these videos and reader feedback and feature them on our front page.


* Videos will be approximately 30-45 mins long
* Vendor’s will get interviewed (tough questions, no holds barred) by our Cyber Security Expert about your product and its value to the end user
* We expect the vendor to provide a technical resource rather than marketing person, someone who has the answers
* It is an opportunity for the vendor to pitch their proposition to the community, without the marketing spin
* We also want to understand your vision, where you product will ultimately end up


– Why don’t you charge for these videos?
* We don’t want sponsorship because we want to be able to ask the tough questions, we do not want to favour any product or service, we just want to inform the community about what is out there to solve their cyber security problems.

– Does it have to be a product targeted at enterprise organisations, what about end user products?
* We are happy to hear about products targeted at either end users or enterprise organisations, but let’s be honest most of our readers are cyber security experts that do this as their day job.

– Can we pitch our entire cyber security product range?
* Sure, but not as a single video, we want to limit the time of these videos to 30-45 mins and be about a single product set. If you have multiple products solving different problems, let’s break the videos up in to a series with each covering the problem they solve.

– Can we use slides?
* Kind of, we don’t mind a single slide that explain your architecture, but outside of that we would need to be convinced it adds to the experience. We don’t want death by PowerPoint.

– What if we don’t have a product to sell but want to demonstrate our in-depth knowledge, because we are consultants and we want people to know how great we are?
* Sure, but rather than a “Hey look how great we are” video, you should be ready to present a use case, a real life use case, (yes we will check) which demonstrates your skills and capability. What did you do that was so cool, how is that better than the other consultants in this space?

– Can we capture details of users that have watched our video?
* We don’t track users specifically, but what we will do is have a form below the video where users can ask that someone contacts them with more details on the product or service. It will be up to you to convince the user that your product is going to solve their problem, to the extent that they want more information.

If you are interested demonstrating your deep knowledge or sharing your product with the community, just email Pia at “Pia”.

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